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When you are operating an e-commerce store you need to add new product very often to your store. It is just like adding a new product to your new physical store. You will have to make your customers aware of it.

In an online store, it is very important that if you are adding a new product you add details as much as possible because in physical stores customers have the luxury to touch and feel products where as in online store they need to decide based on details given on store. Most of the time customer go for images to get an idea about the product and as images are two-dimensional you may want to add multiple images to give a complete idea about the product. So, here we are going to see how to add multiple images to a product.

Step 1:

Login to admin panel of opencart.

Step 2:

Go to product listing page and click on edit button of product where you want to add extra images of that product.


Step 3:

Navigate to “Image” tab and you will be able to see two images which are already added as extra images in product details page.


Step 4:

Using add button you will be able to add new images this list. First you need to upload your images from file system to your opencart store and then you can add them to this list.


Step 5:

Click on “Save” button and go to product detail page of that product on opencart store front.

ProductDetailWithExtraImageAs you can see now there are two extra images below main image. You can see those images by clicking on them. You are done with addition of images.


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