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Forums can be small or large, but you need to think about the structure and the user experience. Thankfully ocPortal makes it very easy for us to create forums and sub forums. In my last example we edited an existing forum and added a new one called ocPortal templates. Now I could add another forum called ocPortal template suggestions and it would be nice if it were a sub forum of our ocPortal templates forum so let’s create a sub forum.

There are so many ways to do so many things in ocPortal but knowing the quick routes is a key to your success. So to add a sub forum in your admin zone, hover over “Structure” then select “Manage forums”


Give the sub forum a name and description leave grouping as General but in this case for the parent I want to select ocPortal templates because my sub forum will be the child of this forum.

Adding a sub forum

Advanced settings.

We have yet to look at the advanced settings and now is a good time to do so.

Incremental post count.

Leave this checkbox checked. It is part of ocPortals points system.

Order sub-forums alphabetically.

The checkbox is not checked by default. If I choose to have more sub forums here, I may want to list the alphabetically but for now I will leave it as the default.

Introduction question.

An interesting setting and I can see a use for it. I may not have time to respond to all posts in the suggestions forum so rather than have members post and be possibly ignored through lack of time, I could add an introductory question that states this and get the member to agree that he/she understands this.

Type in your text and ask your user to accept the conditions. In my case I ask the user to type YES to proceed. Note* The answer is case sensitive. “YES” will work however lowercase “yes” will not work. When a user first visits this part of the forum, they will have to type in YES.

Adding an introductory question

Ignoring everything else scroll down the page and click “add forum”

If you view the page for the first time the alert will show and users cannot proceed until they provide an answer to the question.

Preview introductory question

Once the user has read the text and typed the answer, they will be able to see the forum.

Viewing the sub forum

ocPortal takes care of adding the sub forum to your menu tree. It is possible to add a sub forum to a sub forum but I will let you play about with that.

Menu tree view

Showing the sub forum.

Showing sub forum under the main forum

By now, you should be well on your way to creating a great forum and the start of your community.

Next we are going to quickly add an about us page.

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