Add a “Start Conversations” on Member Profile page in Xenforo

Here I am going to discuss how to add a “Start Conversation” link on member’s profile page. This can be convenient if you don’t want members to have to search around for it and if you are on a member’s profile page.

So let us log into our Admin CP and then navigate to: Appearance -> Templates -> member_view.

It will look like so:


Click on Member_View and then you will see the following page:


You will have to search for:

<xen:follow user="$user" title="" tag="li" />

Underneath that you will look for this code:


It will look like this:


So before </xen:contentcheck> put this code there:

<xen:if is="{$canStartConversation}"><a href="{xen:link conversations/add, '', 'to={$user.username}'}">{xen:phrase start_conversation}</a></xen:if>

It will look like this:


So make sure that you click Save All Changes.

Then go to a profile to check if it worked. You should see the following:


There you have it!  If you have further questions please feel free to ask away!

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