Add an Infinite Scroll to your Oxwall News Feed

For anyone using OxWall that would like a quick and simple way to add infinite scrolling to your newsfeed so users do not have to click “View More”, here you go. I am modifying the core newsfeed code here, not creating a plugin. Just keep this in mind if you plan to update in the future. You could probably create a plugin to do this, but for the purposes of this guide we are going for quick and simple.

  1. Ok that being said, you need to open  –
  2. Right after “this.$viewMore = this.$(‘.ow_newsfeed_view_more_c’);
    add this code:

    if($(window).scrollTop()+$(window).height() == $(document).height()){
    var btn = self.$viewMore.find(‘.ow_newsfeed_view_more’);

    All we have done here is add a scroll function, this is called when the user scrolls. Inside of that we say “if the user is at the bottom of the page” (if the amount scrolled above plus the current window height is the same size as the entire document, we are at the bottom of the page) then we want to trigger the click function for the “view more” button.\

    You can take this a step further and do a lot more with it too like add a loading message etc.

    (Don’t forget to set”OW_DEV_MODE” to true in your config.php file to reload the js file)

    That’s it, let me know if this works for you and any comments/critiques are welcome.

Thank you,
Charles Benson,

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4 Comments on Add an Infinite Scroll to your Oxwall News Feed

  1. Tom says:

    Can you do a video step by step how to create a backup for your Oxwall site in cpanel? I want to update 1.6 but I want the create a backup first in case something go wrong I can go back to 1.5.3 but I don’t know how to create a backup. Please show me thanks.

  2. Gunaseelan says:

    I tried this code in my demo site, But it didn’t work. DEV_MODE is true. Please help

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