A Warning About Using Izap Plugins for Elgg 1.8

A few days ago, someone started a thread in our own Elgg forum, announcing the release of their new plugin: Izap Disk Quota and other plugins as well. However, we strongly recommend staying away from those plugins. In this article, I will strongly recommend you to not to use those plugins in our servers.

After I saw that post, I was curious and went to the Elgg community to see the plugin Izap Disk Quota. For my surprise it was an odd plugin. First, the plugin needs a framework, called Izap Bridge. That’s pretty normal, however such framework is not available on the Elgg community and to get it you must register on another site.

After I finally got the framework, I installed it like you normally install a plugin in Elgg. However, when I tried to use it I couldn’t because I had to register my domain name in their site. In other words, I had to give the address of my Elgg network if I wanted to use the plugin Izap Disk Quota. That’s just plain wrong, because there’s no reason why a free plugin will need my domain name. I find it suspicious, and I believe it sends server information to the developer, which is wrong.

As an Elgg developer and an Elgg user, I strongly recommend to stay away from those plugins. I also recommend not using them in our servers because it will drain server resources which will end up in crashing your Elgg site. I’ve done test before and Izap Disk Quota is an unreliable plugin. Please do not use them in our servers.

This now concludes a warning about using Izap Plugins for Elgg 1.8

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