A Detailed Look at the Booking Addon in ocPortal

In the previous tutorial I talked about the basics of the bookings addon and how to install and quickly set it up. In this tutorial I wanted to take a detailed look at all of the associated forms and make sure they were clear to anyone who would like to use this addon. If you want to go back and read the first part you can read it here

There are effectively 4 different types of forms within the booking module which are

  • Add /edit bookable
  • Add/edit bookable supplements
  • Add/edit bookable blackout
  • Add edit booking

Adding and editing bookables form

add bookableThe Add bookable form is where you will need to start as this form is where you will specify what it is your site visitors can book. For example a hotel might have bookables set as Room 1, Room 2, Room 3, etc. a venue might have time slots so the bookables might be 09:00-10:00, 10:00-11:00, 12:00-13:00, etc.

The first box is the title of the bookable. For a hotel this might be things like summer season or might be set by Month. The second box is a description of the bookable. It is important to fill in this box so it’s easy to remember if you come back to edit the region in the future or if someone else might be editing the bookable region and will need to understand what it is.

The next box is the standard price for all the bookable elements within this specific bookable. The category is so that the bookables can be grouped together which might be something like Twin rooms or Double rooms

Next you can choose whether a customer can leave notes on the booking such as special requests like late checkout. You can also force customers to pick a date range, from and to rather than a specific date. Depending on what you are allowing people to book will determine whether you want this selected or not.

The codes section is the elements you want people to be able to book for example Room 1, Room 2, Room 3. These should each be on their own line within the box and everything you add here will be added as an option to book.

The next two options are the date ranges the bookable will be active to and from and which dates you want customers to be able to book. The Sort order is the order these elements will appear compared to other elements you have added or will add later with the lower number being first.

The last option is whether this bookable region is enabled. For most cases it will be turned on but where you are setting up a lot of different bookables at once you may wish to disable it until they are all completed.

Add bookable supplement

bookable supplementBookable supplements are the ability to add a supplement for the bookables you have set up for example a late checkout or pre book an evening meal in a hotel

You must have set up the bookable regions before completing this step.  Give the supplement a name so you will understand what the supplement is for at a later date. The next box is the price for the supplement.

The next 3 options are three select boxes which allow you to:-

  • Choose between the supplement being for the period or a one off payment
  • Whether a customer can choose  more than one supplement or whether they can only choose one from the list
  • Whether a customer can leave notes against the supplement

The sort order is the order the supplement will appear in the list of supplements. Next choose the bookable the supplements appear to. You can select multiple by holding the CTRL button as you click them.

Add a bookable black out

A bookable blackout is a date range where one of your bookables cannot be booked. For example a venue might have specific dates where it is closed and rather than set up multiple bookable regions it may be easier just to set blackout regions.

The form for the bookable blackouts is 4 simple options. The first 2 are the first and last date for the blackout region. The third option is a text field giving you a chance to give an explanation why the dates are not bookable. The last option is which bookable regions the blackout applies to.

add a bookingAdd or Edit a booking

You can manually add or edit a booking to allow you to use the system as a central room management tool for example. You will need to choose which bookable region you want to add a booking for and then fill in the very straight forward form with the customers details, when they want to book from and to and any notes for the booking.

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