mojoPortal Tips: How to Add and Edit Language-Specific Labels

mojoPortal, like all content management systems, provides a great deal of control over the content displayed on a mojoPortal-based website. However, some basic components are not accessible via the content administration interface. These components are the labels such as the Login/Registration screens, administration dialogs, etc. Today, we’ll cover how to edit these labels.

mojoPortal intrinsically supports a wide array of languages, thanks to the efforts of a multi-lingual community. Not all languages are supported equally, due to available resources. Speaking of resources: the method by which these languages are supported is by using *.resx (resource) files, located in the App_GlobalResources folder under mojoPortal.Web:

Resource Files

As you can see, the resource files are organized by functional areas, as well as language. The primary language for your mojoPortal audience will determine which files you’ll want to adapt. You may have a client request to change the string “User ID” to “Company Location”, for instance, if your users are designated by company locations, for instance.  In order to do that, you’ll want to open the resource.resx file (US English default), and scroll down to the appropriate entry:

Resource File

In this instance, we’d replace the string “User ID” with “Company Name”. Save the resource.resx file, and re-compile your mojoPortal instance. Now, you’ll see that “User ID” has been replaced by “Customer Name”

If you’re adding any additional labels, this is also where you’d add a name/value pair. The “name” is the unique name of your string that will be the same no matter what language you’re using; the value is the string in the language you want displayed.

For more information about localization and language support of mojoPortal, check out the support articles under “Localization” on


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  1. Crispin says:

    Just note that if you customize the resx files, you’ll need to keep safe copies somewhere and put them back into App_GlobalResources after upgrading mojoPortal, as the contents of this folder will be overwritten (assuming you upgrade using the recommended method).

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