nopCommerce Tips: Sending a Newsletter with nopCommerce

nopCommerce allows site visitors to leave their e-mail addresses to be contacted for promotions, sales and the like. You have the option to allow non-registered users to use this subscription system, in the interests of encouraging them to become regular customers. The question is: now that you have those names and e-mail addresses, what are you going to do with them? We’ll cover how to convert those subscribers into buyers with nopCommerce.

Log into your nopCommerce instance as an admin, and navigate to the Administration section. There, select “Promotions”>”Campaigns”. I know, I know, it would make more sense to say “Newsletters”, but bear with me. This interface was designed to allow you to send out as much or as little as needed to your customers, so “Campaigns” it is.

1. Click on “Add a New Campaign”.

2. Enter a name you’ll use to identify the campaign (for instance, “Halloween 2012” or “October 2012”), and a title.

3. Click “Save and Continue Edit” – you’ll see a message that “body is required”. This is where we’ll start entering the content

If you don’t already have a newsletter format chosen, take a look at TemplatesBox; they’ve got a large variety of free newsletter templates to get you started.

4. Use the text editor window to enter your newsletter format; if need be, click on the “HTML” button to enter your HTML code directly. Notice all the codes in percent signs below the text editor? Those are codes that nopCommerce will use to populate content dynamically, like a mail merge you may have used in Word.

Once you’ve got your content in place, send out a test letter to make sure it’s received in the format you’re expecting, using the “Send test email” option. After you’re completely satisfied with the newsletter format, and you’re ready to send it out to all your subscribers, click the “Send mass email” button, and you’re done!


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