Editing Global Settings Part 5: Mail Settings

This article will focus on editing your site’s Mail settings.  These settings include choosing a method for sending mail and editing your site’s email signature, account, and display name.

First you want to log into your phpFox Admincp. Once there, select Settings, then Manage Settings from the menu.

You should now see the following screen. This screen shows a list of all the settings categories that your site has. Under the Global Settings heading, select Mail.

There are a number of fields to edit in the Mail settings.  The following is the list on a default installation.  A short description of each field will follow after the screenshot.

Send Mail Method – choose whether to use SMTP or SENDMAIL for mail sent from your phpFox website.

From – type the name that you want displayed as the From when your members receive email from the website.  Typically you will want to use SiteName Admin or something similar.

Email – type the email address you want emails to appear to be sent from when members receive email from the website.

Signature – type the signature details for the bottom of all emails sent from the website.

SMTP Host – if you enabled SMTP, you will need to set your SMTP server information here.

SMTP Authentication – if your SMTP server requires authentication, set this to True.

SMTP Username – type your SMTP username, typically the username or email address of the email account that emails will be sent from.

SMTP Password – type your SMTP password, typically the password for the email address of the email account that emails will be sent from.

Use DNSCheck in email validation – if you want to validate email addresses of your members before sending emails to them, set this to True.  This could cause a slowdown on your site when sending emails to a large number of members.

SMTP Port – type the port that is used for sending mail through your SMTP server.  The commonly used SMTP port is 25

After filling out these fields, select Submit to save your information. You have finished editing your Content Formatting settings!

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  1. hamed says:

    currentlly I change some setting and I have this error when like or email:
    Could not instantiate mail function.

    I try to set SMTP, but it has some error
    SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.

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