Install Chaos Tool suite in Drupal

Chaos Tool suite is very popular among Drupal developers. Lot of other modules are also depended on this module. It is very helpful to developer who is deals with multiple drupal modules and customization of drupal. It is also known as CTools. It is actually a combination of APIs and Tools which empowers developers.

Brief summary of useful tools which makes things easier.

AJAX ResponderServer to handle AJAX requests and tell the client what to do with them.

Object caching Edit an object across multiple page requests and cache the editing work.
Contexts The notion of wrapping objects in a unified wrapper and providing an API to create and accept these contexts as input.
Plugins Let other modules implement plugins from .inc files.
Exportables Have objects that live in database or live in code, such as ‘default views’.
Modal dialog  Put a form in a modal dialog.
Dependent  Form widget which makes form items appear and disappear based upon the selections in another item.
Content  Pluggable content types used as panes in Panels and other modules like Dashboard.
Form wizard  an API to make multi
CSS tools  Tools to cache and sanitize CSS easily to make user

Download CTools.

Now Extract downloaded zip file under following location in your drupal site.



Once you copy that module login as administrator and navigate to “Modules” section from title bar. You should be able to see new section available for Ctools. It looks like this.

Select “Chaos Tools” section from the given list. You can enable other tools as well based on your requirement.

Select and click on “Save Configuration” to save changes. Now your module is installed.

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