[WHMCS] Email Piping

Through the email piping system you are able to have emails automatically convert into tickets and be automatically routed to the correct departments. This saves you and your team having to manage separate email accounts constantly and going over each other, instead everything will be organized, in the correct departments and in one place.

To pipe emails to tickets:

Step 1: Creating a new department

  1. Login the admin area and navigate to: Setup -> Support -> Support Departments
  2. Click “Add New Department”
  3. Create a new department filling in all the fields as normal though ensure the “Email Address” field is unique to that department otherwise emails won’t route properly to the correct departments. For example, a “Sales” department could be sales@yourdomain.com and “Support” could be support@yourdomain.comIgnore the “POP3 Importing Configuration” as this article is based on email forwarding piping
  4. Click “Add New Department”

Step 2: Setting up email piping

  1. Login your website control panel (This article is based on cPanel so other control panels may be slightly different)
  2. Click on the “Forwarders” icon and then click “Add Forwarder”
  3. In the “Address to Forward” enter the email address for each department (ensure you have created them in cPanel)
  4. Scroll down and click “Advanced Options”
  5. In the “Pipe to Program” field insert the directory to your WHMCS pipe.php file which should look something like this: public_html/WHMCS-DIRECTORY/pipe/pipe.php
  6. Scroll down and click “Add Forwarder”

Step 3: Setting the correct permissions (cPanel control panel based)

  1. Login your website control panel (this article is based on cPanel so other control panels may be slightly different) and navigate to your file manager
  2. Go to WHMCS-DIRECTORY/pipe/ and find pipe.php file – right click this and click “Change Permissions”, set this files permissions to 755

Test your email piping by sending an email address to the piped email you just created (ensure you don’t use the same email address of a registered admin account otherwise the pipe won’t work)

Repeat these steps for each department you want to create.

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