Uninstall Software from Softaculous

Installed WordPress, Joomla, or any other CMS/Blog, etc. from Softaculous that you want uninstalled now? Please follow our steps below on how to uninstall software from Softaculous.

1) Log into cPanel
2) Scroll down in cPanel and click “Softaculous”. (Image below)
3) Click “All Installations”. (Image below)
4) Click the red “X”. (Image below)

5) If you want to remove the directory, make sure this box is checked.
If you want to remove the database, make sure this box is checked.
If you want to remove the database username, make sure this box is checked. Other than that, you will be removing all the files in that directory.
6) Click “Remove Installation”. You will get a pop up, continue to uninstall it.
7) Wait for it to uninstall then you’ll get a page saying “The installation was removed successfully”. (Image below)


That’s it! You now uninstalled the software that you didn’t want on your website!

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