How To Update the Currency Exchange Rate in TomatoCart

When you fail to update the currency exchange automatically via the Currencies module in the admin panel, you might get the following messages:

Error: There was a problem performing the action.
Error: The currency exchange rate for US Dollar (USD) was not updated. Please verify the currency code and try again.
Error: The currency exchange rate for Euro (EUR) was not updated. Please verify the currency code and try again.

Reason of the problem:
That is because data format sourced from Oanda ( or XE ( is changed. It becomes impossible to parse the data correctly with the original mechanism. TomatoCart system thus can’t get the real-time exchange rates.

To get the exchange rates stable and up-to-date, we need to change the system mechanism. The Google Finance Api works and is already integrated into the currency module.

Please download the package at:

Unzip the package. Copy the admin directory into your web root directory where the TomatoCart solution is installed. Override the admin directory. And that’s all.

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