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How to Embed a YouTube Video in Joomla 3.0

Adding YouTube videos is a good way to make your articles be more attractive. Embedding such in Joomla 3 can be a difficult task, and that’s why in this article I will …

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Editing Global Settings Part 3: Content Formatting

Read Part 2 here! This article will focus on editing your site’s Content Formatting settings.   These settings include choosing a WYSIWYG text editor, allowing HTML, resizing images and embedded video, and more. …

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How to Create a Silverlight BusyIndicator That is Similar to the YouTube BusyIndicator

Hi all! How about we make a download busy indicator that is the same as the YouTube busy indicator? [silverlight:http://blog.arvixe.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/BlogArvixeCom.UserNT.BusyIndicatorYouTube.xap, 350, 250] Well, what have we here? Polygons, which can …

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