SilverStripe 3.1 Gallery Using Gridfield

In this post I will tell you how to make a working gridfield gallery for Silverstripe CMS 3.1.

Modules needed: SortableGridField

  1. Create Page called Gallery.php inside folder mysite/code/:
    class Gallery extends Page {
       public static $has_many = array(
        	'GalleryImages' => 'GalleryImage'
       public function getCMSFields() {
       	$fields = parent::getCMSFields();  
    	$gridFieldConfig = GridFieldConfig_RecordEditor::create();  
    	$gridFieldConfig->addComponent(new GridFieldSortableRows('SortOrder'));
    	$gridfield = new GridField("GalleryImages", "Gallery Images", $this->GalleryImages()->sort("SortOrder"), $gridFieldConfig);
    	$fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Content.Main', $gridfield);	
    	return $fields;		
    class Gallery_Controller extends Page_Controller {
    	public static $allowed_actions = array (
    	public function Photos() {
    		return $this->GalleryImages()->sort("SortOrder");
    	public function init() {
  2. Also add file named GalleryImage.php to mysite/code/ folder:
    class GalleryImage extends DataObject {
      public static $db = array(	
    	  'SortOrder' => 'Int',
    	  'Title' => 'Varchar'
      public static $has_one = array(
        'Image' => 'Image',
        'Gallery' => 'Gallery'	
      public function getCMSFields() {
     	$fields = parent::getCMSFields();
    	return $fields;		
       public static $summary_fields = array( 
    	'ID' => 'ID',
    	'Title' => 'Title',
    	'Thumbnail' => 'Thumbnail'     
       public function getThumbnail() { 
         return $this->Image()->CMSThumbnail();
  3. In themes/yourtheme/templates/Layout/ folder make file named with code:
    <% control Photos %>
    <% control Image %>
    // In here you can add any stuff like rel="" for ajax 
    <a href="$SetHeight(200).URL">$SetWidth(500)</a>
    <% end_control %>
    <% end_control %>
  4. Rebuild database using
  5. also log out from admin and login again and then start making your gallerypage by adding Gallery

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Teet Bergmann

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2 Comments on SilverStripe 3.1 Gallery Using Gridfield

  1. Steve says:

    I found this very useful, thank-you! One question though, how do I adjust the upload file size and extensions?


    • for Size use in php.ini:
      php_value memory_limit 128M
      file_uploads = On
      upload_max_filesize = 100M

      And for extensions go to assets folder open the .htaccess and add you extensions to FilesMatch

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