Setting Up the Necessary Dolphin 7 Cron Job

Hello and welcome! In today’s blog we are going to talk about the mysterious “cron job” you need to setup for your Dolphin 7 website to function properly. The Crontab is a time based scheduler that is used on most web servers to automate tasks. The tasks it automates for Dolphin are video processing, sending mass emails, and cleaning the database nightly. Not setting up this cron job (or setting it up improperly) is the #1 reason people report video uploads not working.

Let us get started by logging into our Arvixe cPanel ( and scrolling to the bottom. Once there, click the “Cron Jobs” icon under the “Advanced” heading.

Cpanel Cron Jobs

cPanel Cron Jobs

First things first, enter a valid email to receive output from the crontab. Do this by clicking the “more” link under the “Cron Email” heading. Enter a valid email and click “Update Email”. This is helpful because if there are any errors, you will get a notification. Also, you will be notified any time a video is processed or the database is cleaned.

Adding an email address

Adding an email address

Now let us enter the actual command. First we need to tell the cron how often we want our command to run. We want it to run once a minute, which is the BoonEx recommended frequency. Click the drop down box labeled “Common Settings” and choose the first option “Every Minute (* * * * *)”.

Selecting the frequency

Selecting the frequency

You will notice when you selected it, the proper selections were filled in for you. Now we will enter the command. The recommended command is

/usr/bin/php -q /home/youraccount/public_html/periodic/cron.php

Adding the command line

Adding the command line

Just make sure you replace “youraccount” with your actual account name. This is the name you use to login to your cPanel. It can also be found on the cPanel main screen under “Home Directory”. Now click “Add New Cron Job”. Here is what it should look like when we are done:

Final Product

Final Product

That is it, we have conquered the ever confusing “cron job”! Now all the functions of our Dolphin 7 based website will work correctly!

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