How to Use Leech Protection in cPanel

cPanel is fill with a ton of great features.  So many, that some of the most beneficial features are overshadowed and forgotten.  One feature that can come in handy for you from a security aspect is Leech Protect.

What is Leech Protect?

Leech Protect is a feature that enables you to keep the users who have restricted access to your website from giving away or publicly publishing their password.  When enabled, this feature redirects those user accounts that have been compromised to a URL of your choosing.

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How to Check if the cPanel Ports are Open

Applied on: cPanel (Linux) Hosting

You may experience issues with the non-standard http ports cPanel works with. Usually Cpanel can be opened from:


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Basic Website Hosting Security Practice in cPanel

This is worthy article I was reading. I am sharing it here for Arvixe users.

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