My Website Looks Different on Different Browsers

This is a headache problem for website developers. In fact each browser parse the html contents with their own engine and shows them as per their own algorithm. The CSS reading and understanding also differ browser to browser. You can even see this difference in different versions of same browser (Like IE 7 and IE9). There are some basic standards follows by each browser. Try them ( for tips) to make your website look relatively compatible on different browsers. Learn More

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Working With the Dolphin 7.1 Cache System

Hello and welcome! In today’s blog, I am going to explain the Dolphin 7.1 cache options and how to use them.  If you are an Arvixe client who has a VPS or dedicated server you have the ability to install EAccelerator, XCache, APC or Memcache. These are all PHP opcode cachers which compile the PHP code and cache it in memory. This reduces the average load time and speeds up any PHP based website. To use any of these cache engines you must have PHP running as FastCGI, Fcgid, CGI, or DSO.  For the purpose of this tutorial I am going to use the file cache system which does not require any of these to be installed. It is available to anyone, including shared hosting clients and clients who chose to run PHP as suPHP. Learn More

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How to Install a Plugin in Your Joomla Control Panel

This article is about, how to correctly install plugins in Joomla, for new users this issue is very important, because with the use of plugins, we have access to security applications, customization, utilities, mobiles, photos … and many more.

  1. Sign into your Joomla site as an Administrator  Learn More
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