Find out if your Windows server is running a 32bit or 64bit system


After I received an e-mail saying that it would be helpful to write an article like this one, but for Windows Servers, I started researching and found a very easy way of doing it.

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How to Edit the Text on New Members’ E-mail Notifications in Elgg

Elgg’s default e-mail notification message for new users is not very friendly. However, you can change the text that is sent to users when they sign up on your site to anything you want. In this article, I will give you step by step guide on how to edit the text on new members’ e-mail notifications in Elgg.

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How to Use File Manager in WebsitePanel

File Manager is a feature in WebsitePanel that allows you to access all of your files and folders that you have on your website. This article will show you how to use all of the features of file manager. First, sign into your WebSitePanel. Then click File Manager.

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