How to Configure SSL in OpenCart

Before or after reading this article, I recommend you read this article as well. It deals with basic questions about SSL and eCommerce.  This article will describe how to choose and configure and SSL certificate for Opencart. In truth, this article really should be about configuring an SSL on a particular server management system such as cPanel, Plesk, or WHM because really all you are doing in Opencart is “turning it on” in a sense.

Choosing between Shared SSL & Private SSL Learn More

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Must Know TomatoCart Translation Rules

TomatoCart has offered two ways for users to translate TomatoCart software into multiple languages. People could either use the Online Translator tool (, or translate at private store administration panel. TomatoCart Online Translator (hereinafter “TOT” ) serves as a collaborative platform for multiple users to translate into multiple languages. It supports account creation, multiple roles, translating, export and import, help information etc.

Rules to translate or your account will be deactivated or even deleted: Learn More

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How Do I Know How Much RAM I Am Using?

Many people ask on they can find out how much RAM they’re using on their Windows or Linux account as sometimes they need to know if they need to upgrade their plan or not determining on their RAM.

Here is a guide for you to find out how much RAM you’re using.

VPS Linux: (Two ways)

1) Log into your WHM (Web Host Manager) which would be either (Replace yourdomain with your domain) or (Replace username with your Hosting Account Username). Learn More

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