How to Set a Machine Key to Your Custom ASP Application

Machine key is used for authentication and security in ASP. If you have an asp application that requires login, you must set the Machine Key for security and to avoid a viewstate validation error. A viewstate validation error will log off any user connected to your application even if you set a 8 hours timeout. For that reason, In this article I will give a step by step guide on how to set a Machine Key to your ASP Application

The Machine Key <machineKey> element helps to control tamper proofing and encryption of ViewState, forms authentication tickets, and role cookies. Instead of creating a complicated function, we will use a tool to generate random machine keys.

1. Go to this address and get a random machine key. It should look like this: Learn More

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How to Strongly Enhance the Security of TomatoCart 1.1.8

This article is written for the TomatoCart users who are using the v1.1.8. If you are using the previous version rather than v1.1.8, please upgrade your system firstly.

1) Download the security patch for TomatoCart v1.1.8

Please download the security patch at here. Once you update your 1.1.8 system with the security patch, it is necessary to add one language definition for the create account section. You just need to go to Admin->Definitions->Languages->Edit Modules and then click the Add Definition button to add the following language definition: Learn More

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Dolphin 7.1 Database Pruning

In today’s blog we’re going to talk about Dolphin 7.1 database pruning system. This system helps keep your database clean and clear of old data that builds up during the normal operation of your site. It is also import to familiarize yourself with this system if you DON’T want profiles, messages or greetings deleted automatically. We’ll start by logging into the Dolphin admin section and clicking “Advanced Settings” under the “Settings” menu on the left side of the screen. Now click “Pruning” from the list of headings on the right.

Database pruning admin

Database pruning admin

You can see the options include messages, profiles, IP visits, banner views, greetings and expired membership levels. Learn More

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