How to add a domain pointer on website panel 2.0


This is how to add a domain pointer on ASP hosting, specifically servers that use 2012 (our newer deployments)

1) Click on domains (1), You’ll also know if you’re on 2.0, as the website panel version in the bottom right will say 2.x.x (2)

2) Click add a new domain

3) Select Domain

4) Enter the domain name, select point to existing site, then click add

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 4.59.18 PM

5) Done!

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How to Enable the Check-In Feature in phpFox v3.5

This article will focus on showing you how to enable the check in feature that is new in phpFox 3.5.

Login to your Admincp, and select Settings > Manage Settings from the menu.


On the Settings page, under Module Settings, select Core. Learn More

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nopCommerce Tips: How to Customize the Home Page in nopCommerce

Even if you want to keep your overall theme intact for your nopCommerce project, you may need to re-arrange your default page to allow for different business needs. With nopCommerce widget support, it’s actually pretty straightforward.

For this instance, we’ll specify Visual Studio as a prerequisite, and that you’ve got your solution already open. First of all, navigate to your “Themes” folder under Nop.Web, then under your chosen theme folder, open Views>Home>index.cshtml. Open the file, and start reviewing your code.

You’ll notice a lot of HTML, interspaced with C# actions. The actions you’re most interested in are the following:

  • Widgets: @Html.Action(“WidgetsByZone”, “Widget”, new { widgetZone = “home_page_top” })
  • Topics: @Html.Action(“TopicBlock”, “Topic”, new { systemName = “fpHatshape” })
  • News: @Html.Action(“HomePageNews”, “News”)

WidgetsByZone are zones where widgets can be assigned in the Admin area of nopCommerce. Move the action for the widgetZone, and you’ll move where those widgets will appear.

Topics: You can create your topics in the Administration section of the site, then use this line of code to define where the topic will appear on the page.

News: this is fairly self-explanatory, but it’s a great way to define how the latest news for your e-commerce site is displayed to your customers.

Take note of the code around these lines; open up your style sheet under your theme’s Content/CSS folder, and look at how the code and the CSS match up.  You can use these files in combination to create a completely original layout for your nopCommerce-based store. Experiment with your results to get to know what you’re doing, and to get more comfortable with the technique.


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