mojoPortal Tips: Why Fonts and Colors Aren’t Included on the Editor Menu

Content management systems like mojoPortal are wonderful, especially since your customers are able to edit and update their own content. However, you’ll always have one client who wants to be able to control the colors and fonts used in their content, above and beyond what you and/or your designer, leveraging years of knowledge and experience, have allowed for in your style sheets for the site.

They’re usually very creative people, who love to use all the fonts in Word, and leverage bright colors for emphasis. Some are actually quite good at it, and you may choose (at your discretion) to give them the option to have access to greater customization options for their content. Learn More

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Optimizing Elgg with Gallicache

GalliCache is an elgg plugin, which caches your site’s public pages and serve your users with these cached pages. By using this plugin you can avoid plenty of DB queries, page creation time. This allows increasing the speed on your website Elgg and decreasing the server load. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to optimize your elgg network with gallicache.

1. First, download the Community plugin galliCache for elgg 1.8 here

2. Now, upload the plugin to the mod folder for installation. If you don’t know how to do that, read this Learn More

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Send Email Using jQuery and Web.API (Part 1)

Every site no matter how small contains the ability to submit emails. These emails can be for contacting, notifying, fulfilling or subscribing to something. Since the world of AJAX, jquery, and other frameworks have been adopted by “main” stream companies, it seems archaic for a site to request the information and then to hit a submit button and for the complete page to be sent off to the server for processing. In fact, I think that all sites that have emailing of something should be required to use state-less, a sync processing. In this exercise I am going to show you how simple it is to be able to create a standing library that can be modified quickly to fit just about any email requirement. Once this is implemented you will be able to alter this library and have a real professionally done email submitting process. Learn More

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