Send Email Using jQuery and Web.API (Part 2)

As promised here is Part 2 of Sending Email using jquery and web.api (including some validation). If you missed Part 1 then get it here. It is important to realize that if you are going to use web.api for web forms then you need to add the following to the global.asax. Learn More

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How to Embed a Video in an Article in Joomla 2.5

In this article, we explain how to embed a video in an easy and simple way, without having to set the text filters. Using the extension “Easy Embed Video” can embed videos from various video providers.

1. Download the plugin from, here.

2. Login to your site as an administrator, and then install the plugin. If you don’t know, can read this article.

3. After installation, the next step is to activate the plugin. Learn More

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How to Delete a Domain Hosted Under WebsitePanel

It is not possible to directly delete a domain hosted under WebsitePanel if you had created a mailbox. You will view the following error message when you attempt to delete a domain

Figure_1 Learn More

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