How to Manually Reset an Admin Password in SocialEngine 4

If the administrator password is forgotten and the associated email account is inaccessible, the password can be manually reset through the MySQL database.

To reset an administrator password: Learn More

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Dolphin 7.1 Anonymous Mode Explained

Hello and welcome! In today’s blog I’ll explain one very important setting in your Dolphin 7.1 website. This setting is “Anonymous Mode” and it is critical to your member’s privacy that you turn it on.

We will begin by logging in to the Dolphin admin area. Next select “Advanced Settings” under the “Settings” sub-menu. Now click the “Profiles” tab. You will see the 4th option from the top labeled “Enable anonymous mode”. To turn it on place a check mark beside it and click “Save” at the bottom of the screen. Learn More

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nopCommerce 101: How to Take a Poll in nopCommerce

At the heart of e-commerce, there is one basic truth; you always want to provide products and services that your customers want. A simple way to get feedback from your customers is to ask for information; nopCommerce provides an easy-to-use poll feature that will let your users respond quickly and efficiently.

To add a poll to your nopCommerce-enabled website: start by logging into your nopCommerce site as an admin, then navigating to the Administration area. Under “Content Management”, select “Polls”.

Click the “Add New” button; fill in the information on the first tab, and then click “Save and Continue Edit” (this keeps you in the same input area, instead of having to navigate back to your poll in progress). Some tips about these fields: Learn More

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