How to Change Default User Avatars in phpFox

This article will focus on changing the default user avatars in phpFox.

Changing the default user avatars is a pretty simple task.   You will need to remember that there are 7 different files that you need to overwrite for each of the two default avatars.  These are various sizes, that are used throughout the site.

Login via FTP or your cPanel file manager, and navigate to: Learn More

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How to Test Silex with Softaculous

Softaculous allows you to test Silex without installing it. You just have to go to this address and follow the tutorial. It will give you a good overview to understand how to use Silex.

login : admin Learn More

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How to Delete from the Cart in OpenCart

In a previous article we explained how the update function works for Opencart’s shopping cart. In this article we will describe how the DELETE function works if you should have the need to delete an item from your shopping cart.  A page that you can perform this edit would be the main shopping cart page located at index.php?route=checkout/cart

The Cart Array Learn More

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