How to Edit the Dolphin 7 Admin Menu

Hello and welcome! In today’s article, I will show you how to manipulate the Dolphin 7 admin menu. The admin menu is the menu bar that appears on the left side of the screen when logged into the admin area.

To access the admin menu builder, simply log into your Dolphin admin and select “Menu Builder” at the very top of the screen.

Accessing the admin menu builder

Accessing the admin menu builder

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How to Customize Emoticons for phpFox

This article will focus on customizing the emoticons that are used on your phpFox website.

phpFox installs with a default set of 8 basic emoticons.  You may or may not be happy with this basic set.

You will likely want to replace these basic emoticons with something a little more fun or entertaining, or even something more related to your site’s niche. Learn More

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How to Protect Your Site From Spammers in Elgg 1.8

In previous articles, I discussed about how to stop automated spammers from registering. However, there are some spammers that can get through and post spam all over your network. For that reason, in this article, we will learn how to stop spammers from posting on your network.

1. First, we will download a plugin called Spam 1.8.x Throttle. You can download it here

2. After downloading the tool, install it on your network. Please refer to this article about installing a plugin in Elgg 1.8

3.  After that, please login on your Elgg network as an Administration and go to the Administration Dashboard: Learn More

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