How to Stop Uploaded Avatars from Being Added to Photo Album

I dont know why but it seems that when you upload an avatar photo, that photo in added to the members photo album. If you want to stop that from happening, this is what you have to do.

You need to edit this file: /modules/boonex/avatar/templates/base/block_wide.html

Download that file and open it with your favorite html editor.

Look for the following line of code, it should be right around line 22:

<span><input type=”checkbox” name=”copy_to_profile_photos” id=”copy_to_profile_photos” checked=”checked” /><label for=”copy_to_profile_photos”><bx_text:_bx_ava_copy_to_profile_photos /></label></span>

Just remove that entire piece of code. Save and upload the file. That’s It!

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How to Install CMS Made Simple From Your cPanel Using Softaculous

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to install CMS Made Simple from your cPanel using Softaculous.

Sign into your cPanel and follow these steps:

1) Scroll down to Software/Services and click Softaculous Learn More

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Knowing “Home Folder” Capabilities in WebSitePanel

Applied on: Windows (ASP) Hosting Plans with WebSitePanel.

There are a few options under “Home Folder” for every website under its “Web Site Properties”. Here I will try to explain each available option.

Learn More

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