How to Install Ubercart on Drupal and Enable Useful Modules

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to install Ubercart 3.x on Drupal 7 with a list of some helpful modules. To install Ubercart, you will need to have Drupal on your website already. A guide to installing Drupal on cPanel can be found here.

Once you have installed Drupal, sign in to your cPanel and follow these steps:

1) Click File Manager

2) Find and open your Drupal installation folder Learn More

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Uploading Files via FTP: The Basics

Okay, so you have your web space all setup now. Maybe you have a software installed for your blog, or something else. Now you want to store some photos or files online! Arvixe offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space, so why not? This article explains how to install a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client and put some files online. Click “Read More” to continue!


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Student Registration Walk Through

Hello, Arvixe readers! Did you know that Arvixe offers 3 months of free hosting for Students worldwide? I have found – in my experience – that many students are not actively looking for a web presence, and take on this free offer with vigor. But many are immediately turned off by a complicated registration process and lack of familiarity with the cPanel interface. Many don’t understand what to do with their new web space. This is one of many tutorials I plan to create that will walk beginners, students or otherwise, through the process and how to best use Arvixe Web Hosting. Click “Read more” to continue!


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