mojoPortal Tips: How to Add Scrolling Blog Highlights to Your Front Page

Hello! In today’s post, we are going to touch on how to add a bit of snazziness to the front page of your mojoPortal website, using the built-in Feed Manager module.

Log into your website as an administrator; on the admin bar, click on “Edit this Page”.  In the Page Content Layout section, click the “Feature” dropdown at the top and select “Feed Manager”; add it to whichever Pane you will want to contain your scroller.

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Review of Mobile Kit Pro for mojoPortal

Finally, it’s here! I’ve had some interesting adventures in getting to my review of the mojoPortal Mobile Kit Pro.  The add-on for mojoPortal works perfectly; my biggest challenge was in getting the Android SDK downloaded, configured, and getting the hang of working with the emulator, so that I could test locally, and get screenshots for this tutorial.

(Fun fact: if you’re planning on using the Android emulator with Visual Studio for testing, and normally navigate to “localhost:[port]” (, in your emulator browser, navigate to “[port]” instead.) Learn More

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