How to Change the Elgg System Email Address in Elgg 1.8

The system email is the one that Elgg uses to send notifications to your users. It is an important part of Elgg and in this article, I will give you a step by step guide on how to change the system email address in Elgg 1.8:

1.   First sign in as an Admin and go to the Administration Dashboard.

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How to Add An Anti-Spam Question to Your Dolphin 7 Join Form

If you’ve worked with Dolphin for any length of time you’re probably aware that spam signups are an on-going problem. In the past I’ve covered some techniques to stop these unwanted guests from spreading their advertising all over your site. Today I’ll show you how to add a “spam question” to your join page and stop even more of them.

We’ll start out by logging into the Dolphin admin panel and going to the “Builder” menu on the left side menu. Then click “Profile fields” and drag a “New_Item” block to the join form. Click the new block and change the “System Name” to “SpamQuestion”. For the “Caption” enter any question you like. For this example, we will use “What’s 3 + 2?” Now click the advanced tab and put a check mark next to “Mandatory” and under “Check” enter this: Learn More

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How to Create a Silverlight Control Like the Telerik CoverFlow Control Part 1 – XAML

If you have seen the Telerik CoverFlow control, then you, just as I, have thought “how is it implemented?” In this post, I will begin to show how you can implement a similar control.

Since the component contains items, we will use a base class ListBox. Learn More

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