How to Hide the Main Menu from Your phpFox Website’s Visitors

In this article, I will show you how to hide your site’s main menu from your website visitors.

In order to hide the main menu from your guests, you need to login to your admincp and select Settings > Manage Settings. Learn More

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How Do I Transfer a Domain Name?

Nowadays, transferring a domain name from one registrar to another is a very simple process. You will be compelled to transfer your valuable domain name because the other registrar is offering you a good price for its renewal with numerous payment options.

You need to make sure that the domain you are transferring is active. You will not be able to transfer domain names which are over 35-45 days from the date of its original expiry date. Learn More

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Opencart – Dealing With Errors

Normal Errors

These errors are what you will see show up in the Opencart Error Log or even on your browser screen “depending upon your error reporting settings” and they always have tale tell signs. They normally have a consistent execution so therefore they are easier to solve. If you are not versed in PHP then we recommend you using the Opencart Forums or the Arvixe forums to get information in order to discern your error. There are thousands and thousands of postings on the most common errors you will see in Opencart. While some errors won’t really cause your website harm they are all worth getting rid of to ensure clean execution and maximum server efficiency. NOTE: Learn More

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