Domain Email Forwarder in cPanel

Applied on: cPanel (Linux) Account

The domain email forwarder forwards each incoming email for a specific domain to another domain. For example, if we setup an email forwarder (domain level) for to redirect to, all emails going to would be redirected to its corresponding user on ( redirects to

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SocialEngine 4.1.1 Released

Webligo has released their updated version of SocialEngine 4, the popular white-label social networking software. 4.1.1 includes many fixes from bugs that were reported from the previous release as well as performance enhancements. Clients will now be able to download the updated version as well as the plugins and upgrade package.

As always, clients are advised to test their installs first especially those who are upgrading – in a non-live environment, as well as make a complete backup.

For more information, head over to the SocialEngine website regarding this announcement.

*Webligo recommends Arvixe as a choice webhost for their SocialEngine platform.

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