OpenCart – Apache Mod Rewrite & SEO


Apache Mod Rewrite is an Apache mod that provides a rule-based rewriting engine to rewrite requested URLs on the fly. In layman’s terms: you can change the url that people see in your browser bar to something of your choice. There “are” however rules about this that should be followed especially when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and how Google handles the url’s. Most just know how to “turn SEO URL” on from the Opencart system settings but few actually know how it works and to be fair most don’t. This is for those that want a little better understanding on the process.  I find that having knowledge, is power, and gives you the ability to maximize your efficiency on the web with your online commerce store. We won’t delve into the actual code on the APACHE side but more so on the Opencart side. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Fix Subscription Error Code: 5039ab

Do you wish to have subscriptions on your Social networking site but keep facing a common problem?

With paypal at the end of registration when you press the paypal button its redirect you to paypal website for payment. When I read the error log located in temporary\log\main.txt I does not found the error location but I fix it. Learn More

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Communicate with Alfresco Which is Protected with Secured HTTP(HTTPS)

Alfresco is one of most popular opensource Content Management System available in the market today.

There might the cases when you have written some code which will call the remote alfresco repository via some of the web services provided by alfresco. Most of the clients preferred it to be protected with HTTPS. Learn More

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