WebMatrix 2 beta – First Impressions

I surprised myself by becoming quite a fan of WebMatrix, so I was keen to give the new WebMatrix2 beta a go and see how it shapes up.

I’ve found WebMatrix very easy to use and surprisingly robust. It gave me a very easy way to install and run my CMS websites locally and then to publish them, and also to resync my local environment to the published one. In particular note it allows publishing of an SQL database with just a tick of a box (once the connection string has been entered). Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: Important Factors in Developing Custom Image Apps

One of the things I absolutely love about mojoPortal is the fact that it’s open-source (C#/Asp.Net/MSSQL, by default), and is accompanied by a wealth of articles and tutorial videos explaining how to implement custom development, step by step. That being said, there are still certain factors to consider when creating a custom feature (a modular plugin that can be added into any page in the mojoPortal CMS implementation). In this article, I’ll discuss factors to consider when developing custom applications that manipulate images.

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mojoPortal Tips: Making a Multi-Colored Dynamic Menu with CSS

Earlier this year, I took on a project that needed a rainbow-themed menu; rather than try to create a rainbow-colored background for the menu, and hoping the text would align, I set about creating a menu with multiple colors that would support dynamic input for mojoPortal. Below, you’ll find the CSS I came up with to implement it in mojoPortal.

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