nopCommerce Tips: Creating a Custom Layout, Part 4 – Adapting Skins

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It’s safe to say that for every target demographic, there’s a unique approach that will best achieve your goal of reaching them. Whether it’s using a color scheme or graphics, or a layout that shows your product line off to its best advantage, there is no one storefront that will appeal to all demographics. It’s a given that you’ll want to customize your nopCommerce store’s appearance to appeal to your customers – let’s touch on ways to modify an existing skin for that purpose.

nopCommerce ships with two web themes: DarkOrange, and nopClassic, under Nop.Web/Themes. Learn More

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Editing Global Settings Part 4: Image Processing

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This article will focus on editing your site’s Image Processing settings.   This is where you would add an image or a text based watermark for images uploaded to your site.

First you want to log into your phpFox Admincp.  Once there, select Settings, then Manage Settings from the menu.

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Silverlight 3-D Effects (Perspective Transforms)

You can apply 3-D effects to any Silverlight UIElement using what are called “perspective transforms.” For example, you can create the illusion that an object is rotated toward or away from you, as shown in the following illustration.

Image with Perspective Transform

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