How to Use the Dolphin 7.1 Host Tools

Hello and welcome! In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about the Dolphin 7.1 “Host Tools”, what they are and how to use them. The tools can be accessed in admin by clicking “Host Tools” under “Tools” on the left column menu.

The tools are divided into 4 sections: Learn More

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OpenCart – Advice for Extension Developer and Purchaser

Opencart Commercial Development Ethics

Now that you have a new Arvixe hosting account as well as the Opencart installation you now may be interested in extending your default installation. To do so you will probably need to hire a developer to help you.
-Many users on the opencart forums are in need of a developer to help them with a project. For obvious reasons Open Cart is not involved in what goes on behind closed doors between users and developers. Both the developer and the user have a responsibility to practice their own business sense whereby protecting their assets. Learn More

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How to Use Silverstripe Built-in Page Controls

Ever wonder when you use $Title and <% Control Children %> what else you can call in the templates? This page is here to help with a guide on what template controls you can call.

Controlling Menus Datafeeds: Learn More

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