Template Tricks with CMSMS Products Module

There are many great modules for CMS Made Simple. One of those is the Products module, part of Calguy’s eCommerce suite. However, there are some downsides in the template structure, so I want to quickly show you how some long unanswered forum post can suddenly become an answer with a single line of code.

The problem I was facing a few days ago was how could I possibly add “active” class to Products hierarchy navigation and Parent Hierarchy.
If you have ever worked with Products module, you know that the Hierarchy Report Template is not really the best solution as it lacks of some needed variables support like MenuManager provides.

So the default Products install Hierarchy Report Template looks like this: Learn More

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How to Generate Test Users Manually in Elgg

This article gives a step by step guide on how to generate test users manually in Elgg. Test users are useful when developing your Elgg site. Several users do not know how to do that, and instead of logging out, you can create as many users as you want within the admin account. It is also useful if you disable registration and create accounts manually. Access your Elgg site as an administrator and follow these steps:

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How to Run upgrade.php in Elgg

Several Elgg users wonder why they cannot see changes they do to their Elgg sites. I tell them to run the upgrade.php, but they do not know how to that. This article will give you a step by a step guide on how to run upgrade.php in Elgg.

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