Even More Dolphin 7 Spam Prevention Tips

In the past, we have talked about using the built in Dolphin 7 Anti-Spam tools. Today, we will cover a few more tips to help block the spammers who will try and flood your Dolphin 7 website.





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Making DNS Record Changes in cPanel

This article is for those looking to make changes to their DNS zone using Arvixe’s cPanel software. It is an update of an older blog instruction set from 2009. The “simple” and “advanced” DNS Zone Editors allow users to add, remove, and modify A, CNAME, and TXT type records.


ATTENTION: Do not attempt to modify these fields unless you are absolutely sure what you are doing! This tutorial will provide a bit of background on each type of record, but is not for beginners. Please contact Arvixe support if you are not 100% comfortable with these actions and their consequences.


First, let’s look at what each record type means. Then, where to access the editor pages.

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Using the Dolphin 7 Mass Mailer

Hello and welcome! In today’s blog, we will explore the Dolphin 7 mass mailer. It can be used to send an email to all your site’s members and also anyone who has subscribed via the subscribe block on the homepage.

There is one important thing to cover before we get started. The Dolphin cron job MUST be setup for the mass mailer to correctly send out emails. More info about the cron job can be found HERE. Learn More

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