[WHMCS] State Drop Down Menu

By default the drop down menu “State” will only show relevant results for the web hosting companies default country (in most cases: United States). Only when a client changes the country drop down menu does the State field update with relevant results to them. As the country field is located AFTER the state drop down menu, it can cause problems.

For example, if a UK client was to signup to a US based hosting provider they would see the State drop down menu BEFORE the country drop down menu, as WHMCS doesn’t automatically detect the users country that state drop down menu will only show US states causing the client to either: Leave, pick a random option with the chance of forgetting to update it later – Why put your client through potential frustration? Learn More

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Installing MODX at Arvixe – Part II

In Part I of this tutorial, we uploaded the MODX files to the server. Now, it’s time to create the MODX Database. If you ran the MODX setup script at this point, it would attempt to create the database for you. On some servers this will work, but even if it does, on many servers (including Arvixe) you’d end up with a Latin1 character set and a collation or latin1_swedish_ci. For odd historical reasons, this is the MySQL default. It can work if your language is English and you never need a foreign word on your site, but sooner or later, you’re going to need to use a word with an accented character that doesn’t play well with Latin1.

The recommended character set and collation for MODX is utf-8 and utf8_general_ci, so I always set up the MODX database ahead of time on order to make sure that the database uses that character set. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Album Categories Widget

Little widget Album Categories

Click on each Category will be show only Albums from selected Category…if any
Don’t be bothered with long Category list, or long Category names – all is set, as you can see on pic 1 below.

Installation: Unpack .zip file into ../application/widgets folder Learn More

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