Web Deploy: Unauthorized or Permission Denied

If you are getting permission-related errors when attempting to publish via Web Deploy, it may be because the ACL’s you have set in your development environment are incompatible with Arvixe’s ACL configuration. Information on how a Web Deploy publishing file is created/configured can be found here. Learn More

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Removing the ‘Content’ part from HomePage ‘Page Type’

We had a code for HomePage pagetype like so: Learn More

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List MODX Users Selected by an Extended Field

If you want to show a list of users with, or without, their personal information, one of the easiest ways to do it is to use Shaun McCormick’s Peoples extra. Peoples will show information about users selected by Use Group and will let you sort the users by any field. One of the things Peoples will *not* do, though, is let you select users based on an extended field.

A MODX user recently requested this on the MODX Forums, so I’m devoting this blog post to creating a snippet to do it and demonstrating a little about how MODX snippets work along the way. The following snippet will select users based on an extended field and will show any information about them contained in their User Profile (including any extended fields). Note that the snippet selects users *only* by extended field. To select users in a different way, you’d have to use a different snippet. Learn More

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