mojoPortal Tips: The Importance of Controlling Content Access by Role

When you have a customer who wishes to control access to content, it’s best to sort out the most extensible and supportable way of doing so. Thankfully, mojoPortal provides an easy solution to allow content access control.

Initially, the customer wanted to be able to simply issue a single user name and password to provide content access; while this might be initially easier to manage, it’s a huge security and data capture leak. Here’s why: Learn More

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Finding Your Way Around the ocPortal Adminzone Part 1

One of ocPortal’s biggest strengths is its large amount of features. However, to a new user the adminzone may initially look a little overwhelming. This post is a brief look at the different screens to help you find your way around when you have installed a new ocPortal website.  I’m not going to go into great detail for every single option within the adminzone or you will end up reading a 10,000 word essay! This post is to show you where the most common options are.

The Status Screen Learn More

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Failed to Upload Language Pack to Online Translator in TomatoCart

Have you met the following problems when using Online Translator?:
“When I try to upload the language pack, it is loading but not stops. It says “Please wait” for more than one hour.”
“When I tried to install a new language pack, it just stopped, with only the progress bar on the screen and nothing else happened.” Learn More

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