How to Allow Anonymous Comments in Elgg 1.8

For some time, several Elgg users were looking for a way for guests (unregistered users) to comment on the content posted in their Elgg network. For that reason, in this guide I will give a step by step guide on how to allow anonymous comments in Elgg 1.8

1. To do this, we will use a community plugin called Speak Freely, which will provide the ability for anonymous (not logged in) users to comment on public content. Download it here

2. After downloading it, upload it to the mod directory of your Elgg site Learn More

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Silex’s Contributor of the Month

He used Silex for his website!

His name is Leo Francia and he is a great designer.
Most of his websites are made in Silex :) and that’s why we wanted to pay tribute to him.

Thanks to him, you will have some examples of websites realized with Silex software.
Look and enjoy!

Special note about this artist: Leo was one of the first trainees of Silex Labs non profit organization to work on Silex! We can say his training was successful!

Website 1 – La vache Learn More

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How to Include the Admin Bar in a Template in Clip-Bucket v2


Somebody recently asked me how to add the admin bar in a Clip-Bucket v2 template, so here is the guide for everyone. Enjoy!

Difficulty level: Easy

If you are developing a template, I recommend you to add the code in the header.html, so the bar shows in all pages. If you want to display it in specific pages, only you can add the code to that specific page. Learn More

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