How to Insert Ads in WordPress

Nowadays, ads are becoming part and parcel of every website especially WordPress based sites. Some WordPress themes include built-in support for inserting ads through theme options page. However, users need to insert ads manually by editing theme files if it doesn’t include any mechanism to place ads. Beginners will find it difficult to insert ad codes if they are not well versed with the WordPress structure.

WhyDoWork AdSense plugin enables users to add, edit and delete not only Google Adsense ads but also any kind of ad code without modifying the template. Learn More

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How to Add a New Video Category in Clip-Bucket v2


This article is especially intended for the Clip-Bucket newcomers, so they can easily get started with the basic functionalities of the script. Today you will learn how to add a new video category in your Clip-Bucket v2 web site.

1. Log into your admin_area (http://yoursite.tld/admin_area)

2. In the left column, inside Videos tab, click on Manage Categories. Learn More

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Security and Your MODX Articles Blog

There’s serious security problem with the default installation of the Articles blog extra: It exposes your MODX username — the one you use to log in to the Manager — on every page. This opens you up to a brute-force attack that could allow miscreants to gain complete control of your site. This vulnerability may be fixed in future versions of Articles, but for now, it’s a good idea to make some changes to your Articles Templates and Chunks.

Site hackers have bots that are visiting hundreds of thousands of web sites. They try common Administrator usernames like “admin” “root” and “webmaster” and attempt to log in with both selected passwords (e.g., dates between 1900 and the current year, common names for humans and pets, dictionary words, etc.) and random passwords generated in code. For a fairly reasonable price, you can now buy a computer designed just for this task and capable of trying millions of passwords per second. Learn More

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