SocialEngine 4: Remove Hi “Username”

Andrew - SocialEngine

When you start to give your Social Network a more custom look, its can be nice to remove the username from the members home page “Hi Username”

To do this simple modifications just follow the simple instructions below. Learn More

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Drupal7: Token Content Access

David G - DrupalPreviously I’ve written about an application I have running for a client that accepts References for student applications to enroll in a University program. Students have up to 3 external references (people) fill out an online form on their behalf, and based upon the students GPA and reference recommendations they may be allowed into the school program.

I have written about this project with regards to Webforms and Relations, and also about using Field Collections. Recently the client has asked me to add new features to this project and I’m considering revising some of the underlying custom code. This is because I make tokens to access content by hand, and I recently found the Token Content Access (TCA) module which given a new submodule should support my existing use-case! Learn More

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Adding a Timeline to your Dolphin Pro Website

In today’s blog I’ll show you how to add a timeline to your Dolphin Pro website, similar to the one used by other big name social networking sites. Learn More

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