Photo Edit Options with Concrete5

Images are such a critical part of interacting with your audience, handling them so they display correctly is obviously high on the list of needs for every site editor. Let’s look at some tools at your disposal. Learn More

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Drupal7: Scald Module, a Module to Manage Media Assets

While continuing to create Drupal7 websites for clients as it is widely supported with a ton of contributed modules — I have begun to look at the Drupal 8 ecosystem and changes to User Experience (UX) I can expect to see in Drupal 8; and if there are useable alternatives now in Drupal 7. Learn More

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Uploading Videos with ClipBucket

Once you successfully installed ClipBucket, the next process is to begin hosting of videos. The first step is to upload the videos inside the relevant folder of the domain where you have installed the script.

If you use CPanel, FTP to your account using FileZilla, open the relevant domain and find the files/mass_uploads folder inside www directory. You should first upload the video(s) inside the folder. Learn More

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