What are Mail Domains?

Applied on: Windows (ASP) hosting plan

In websitepanel when you create an email account for a domain, a “mail domain” created automatically by control panel. This mail domain creation will be an added node in hMail server (your SMTP mail server) responsible to manage your email accounts, alias, mailing list and associated configuration. Learn More

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How to Compress a PDF for Faster Download

It is always amazing to me to download a PDF from a site and compress it using several different tools.  Before I get started let me preface that I have absolutely nothing against the author or the document(s) they present but this is just showing you what you can gain by spending a few extra minutes.  This document contains a lot of images.  It seems that the more images you have inside a PDF the greater compression ratio you can achieve.  By using different tools online as well as the wide range of options from each site you can achieve some amazing results.  I also admit that some of these might not be acceptable alternatives for this kind of document but in general you can achieve great results for a small amount of effort. Learn More

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