How to Hide HTML BLOCK for Non-Members in SocialEngine

I create a menu with jquery and I put in a HTML BLOCK in the header layout. Well, this menu can be viewed for everybody and I don’t want that so, I put this in my htmlblock widget:/web/application/modules/Core/widgets/html-block/index.tpl Learn More

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Web Application Security

Applied on: Windows hosting (ASP) plan

Web Application Security

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) offers various videos. These short videos are for explaining web application security and the most common vulnerabilities (Injection Attacks & Cross Site Scripting). You will found them with simple, easy to understand terms. As a web application security primer, you are recommended to visit to see them. Learn More

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Preshashop 101 Day 14 – Prestashop SEO and Preferences

It’s no secret every website owner wants to top SERPs in their niche. This is not only true, but also vital for every e-merchant. In this lesson, we will deal with Prestashop SEO, and have a look at a couple of general preferences you might want to check before the big launch.

Running time: 17 mins
Prestashop version:

All series’ lessons Learn More

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