mojoPortal Video Tips: Customizing Your mojoPortal Website

Hi! Well, after writing over 170 articles here at Arvixe, I’ve decided to try a new approach. While some people learn better by reading, others find watching a live video to be more instructive. As a result, we’ll be publishing a series of videos covering various mojoPortal topics. If there’s a topic you’d like to see covered, just shoot me a line at, with the subject line: “Arvixe Tutorial Topic Suggestion”. Enjoy!

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can customize your mojoPortal website.

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Drupal 7 Overridding HTML Output Based on URL Conditions

Drupal 7 supports downloadable sitewide themes. Sometimes we want a specific site path to exclude many regions of a site and present only the page content. Or for instance if a remote site is fetching the page contents and embedding it in their site, we would not want to show all the banners, sidebars etc on the page. In the below example a client website can request any page of the website with an additional url parameter &remoteembed and the page output will be stripped of banners, header, footer and sidebars for remote embedding into another website. Learn More

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How to Manage Replication Jobs in Alfresco

As described in my previous blog The Replication Jobs tool in the Admin Console enables you to create and manage replication jobs in Share. A replication job specifies the content to be replicated; the day and time the job is to be performed; and the target location for the replicated content.

Now once jobs are created admin need to manage those jobs to meets the change in the requirements.

Viewing replication job Learn More

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