Review of Mobile Kit Pro for mojoPortal

Finally, it’s here! I’ve had some interesting adventures in getting to my review of the mojoPortal Mobile Kit Pro.  The add-on for mojoPortal works perfectly; my biggest challenge was in getting the Android SDK downloaded, configured, and getting the hang of working with the emulator, so that I could test locally, and get screenshots for this tutorial.

(Fun fact: if you’re planning on using the Android emulator with Visual Studio for testing, and normally navigate to “localhost:[port]” (, in your emulator browser, navigate to “[port]” instead.) Learn More

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MojoPortal: Adding Header and Footer Content Panes to a Skin

This article explains how you can change an existing skin to add in header or footer content panes and how to make a few minor changes manually to the CSS files to get the look that you are after.

MojoPortal is generally setup to have 3 panes: center, left and right. Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: How to Make Your Blog More Social-Media Friendly

Hello, everyone! While I’m working on the next article, which is a review of the Mobile Kit for mojoPortal, I thought I would take a moment and cover a subject that could stand some elaboration and illumination. That subject is the awesome Blog Module in mojoPortal.

The Blog Module is one of the free, built-in modules that comes with the standard installation of mojoPortal.  It’s integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and most recently, Google+, and it is easy to write and pre-schedule your blog articles, so that you can have a “writing day”, and schedule out your posts over the next days or weeks. Learn More

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