How to Fix Loading Errors after Database Migration in WordPress

Imagine, you have currently hosted your WordPress site on a Windows server. As your site grows with more traffic, you will be required to migrate your site to a Linux based server which not only gives great speed but also fixes the compatibility problems associated with certain plugins.

You hosted the site under an installation directory in Windows and you moved to root directory under the new Linux server.

You will most likely view the following error message Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Speed Up SE4 Via .HTACCESS

To Help SE Preform better you can add this coding to your .HTACCESS file. Learn More

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OpenCart – Creating Your Own Extension

Perhaps you have been digging around your Open Cart installation and have decided that you want to brave the waters to make your own extension, or perhaps you just cannot afford the money to purchase an existing extension from the store; this article will go over the basics to developing an extension and will attempt to simplify the process. Before we begin, it helps to know the basics of an MVC-L (MODEL VIEW CONTROL LANGUAGE) framework and we recommend reading this article before continuing. Learn More

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