mojoPortal Tip: Writing Blogs Offline with Windows Live Writer

Blogging is often an inspiration-inspired activity, but doesn’t always coincide with the ability to connect with your mojoPortal-based website. In some situations, you may be unable to access your website from the location you’re at in that moment, but really want to capture your thoughts while they’re still fresh.

MojoPortal has introduced the ability to write your blog entries locally by leveraging the Windows Live Writer.  This is a free add-on by Microsoft, which you can download here.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll presume that you’re using a Windows-based laptop, or computer that doesn’t always have access to the Internet. We’ll touch on how to use offline apps for other platforms in a future article. Learn More

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What is DNS?


I’ve been reading a couple of articles here at Arvixe about DNS, but none of them explains what DNS actually is. I’ve worked with lots of things related to DNS, but if I had been asked like a week ago for a correct definition of DNS, I wouldn’t have had it. Today, I will provide you with the knowledge I have acquired, so you can understand what DNS actually is.

DNS, stands for Domain Name System. What it does, is to convert, whenever you type a domain name in your browser, to its IP address. In an easier to understand example: Learn More

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How to Turn Off Registration in Elgg 1.8

In this article, I will give you a step by step guide on how to disable registration in Elgg 1.8:

1. First, sign into your Elgg site as an Admin, and once logged in click on the Administration link in the topbar menu to go to the Admin Dashboard:


2. Now, go to the right sidebar, click Settings to display the settings sub menu. There, click on Advanced Settings: Learn More

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