How to Run upgrade.php in Elgg

Several Elgg users wonder why they cannot see changes they do to their Elgg sites. I tell them to run the upgrade.php, but they do not know how to that. This article will give you a step by a step guide on how to run upgrade.php in Elgg.

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Creating a Custom MojoPortal Solution: Part 3, Creating a Custom Skin

Hi – Carole Bennett, back again, this time with some steps on how to create your own custom skin for mojoPortal.

First of all, let me start by saying this; yes, I am completely capable of designing the skin completely in Photoshop, slicing it out, and incorporating it into a skin.  That being said – it is *so* much faster to use Artisteer!  You do not have to use the built-in graphic elements in Artisteer; in the custom mojoPortal skin you will see today, I created design elements in Photoshop, and used the “Insert From File” feature in Artisteer to “test drive” my design ideas in an actual working UI.

Since this is not an Artisteer tutorial, I won’t go over all the details of how to use it. I will remind you that for best results, create the project as an ASP.Net project, but export it as an HTML project – much less complicated.

You will see the screenshot of the skin UI as it appears in Artisteer here, after we have incorporated our custom graphics and font webkit from FontSquirrel:

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