What is The “ww2″ or “ww3″ That Precede A Domain Name?


Ever wondered why some domains are: ww2.domain.xxx, ww3.domain.xxx? Well, I did. Indeed, I was very curious why they had it, until I found out why…

There were several unsupported theories that tried to explain these, such as: “it’s a new Internet that is faster”, “the higher the number in the wwx, the higher the bandwidth allowed”, and so and so, until I found out the real cause: subdomains. Yes, you heard right, it’s not a faster internet protocol, not a higher bandwidth server, they’re just subdomains. Learn More

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Installing Software in Softaculous: The Basics

Hello, students! Previously, I have walked through registering an Arvixe student site, and how to transfer files from your computer. Now, let’s look at the software options you have at your disposal. Your hosting space is a blank canvas for your to paint on. My own personal site Includes a custom built home page (not the best, admittedly), a blog, online chess, and a few links. The opportunities are endless. Continue reading to find out how you can begin building your site today!

Other Student Tutorials:

Registering Your Free Hosting and Domain

Uploading Personal Files


Learn More

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How to Install Ubercart on Drupal and Enable Useful Modules

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to install Ubercart 3.x on Drupal 7 with a list of some helpful modules. To install Ubercart, you will need to have Drupal on your website already. A guide to installing Drupal on cPanel can be found here.

Once you have installed Drupal, sign in to your cPanel and follow these steps:

1) Click File Manager

2) Find and open your Drupal installation folder Learn More

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