How to Set Up FTP to your Site in Adobe Dreamweaver

Hello and welcome to the first set of tutorials using Adobe Dreamweaver CC. The CC stands for Creative Cloud it’s the newest and greatest version from Adobe for the Dreamweaver series. This can be used for any other editions of Dreamweaver as well. So let’s get started.

First you will bring up Dreamweaver you will be taken to this screen: Learn More

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HTML5 Player for Clip-Bucket v2.6


Nowadays it is essential for a website to be mobile compatible, as more and more users are stopping to use computer but their mobiles. With this tutorial you will use a video player capable of streaming videos in mobile devices. Tested in v2.6.

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Drupal7: Module Weights and Hooks

Upon page load everything in Drupal7 occurs in specific order and this ordering is dependent on a Modules, or Hooks weight. Sometimes if we want to change the default behavior or Drupal or other modules we must be aware of this aspect of Drupal. One way to visualize the ordering of module priority in Drupal is to install the Modules Weight module.

Example module weight on minimal Drupal 7 website.

Example module weight on minimal Drupal 7 website.

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