What is WordPress Codex?

WordPress Codex is the Holy Bible for WordPress documentation.

There are tons of pages with documentation and it is categorized really simple so you can quickly refer to any section regarding what do you need.

You can find “WordPress for Beginners”, “Designing Your WordPress Site“, “Lessons for Theme Development” and “Website Development“.

The information in this sections is a great resource to become a WordPress expert starting from zero, is an online manual that WordPress itself, thru their developers maintain updated with all the information. Learn More

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Drupal 7: Add Node Terms to Body CSS classes

David G - DrupalA typical requirement of many websites I’ve created is to display a particaluar graphic on a section of a website, or Nodes containing a certain field value association. This is used by Designers to give a visual indication of what section of a website a visitor is seeing. By default most Drupal themes do not include this type of functionality enabled by default. Here are 2 approaches to enabling this functionality. Learn More

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