SocialEngine 4: Change Default Currency

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I have been asked over the last few months the same question.

How can I change my default currency so I am not charged extra fees during conversion rates by my payment gateway / bank provider? Learn More

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Textpattern CMS conditional tags:


In my previous article, I explained the most important Textpattern CMS conditional tag: `<txp:else />`. Now that’s ticked off, it’s time to get into the details of `<txp:if_individual_article>`. Conditional tags are, by their design, intended to check for one or more given conditions and then do stuff based on the findings of those checks. In the case of `<txp:if_individual_article>` the check that takes place is, as the name implies, for an individual article. Learn More

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Clearing User Session Data

When making changes to a user’s status or capabilities, as we diMODX logoscussed in the previous article, sometimes you’d like the changes to take effect right away. Suppose, for example, that a user selects an option that adds them to a particular user group. It’s frustrating to find that the users have to log out, then log back in before MODX will treat them as members of the group.

Adding a user to a user group can have many ripple effects. It may qualify the user for one or more new permission ACL entries, which would mean more permissions for the user (potentially, both context and object permissions). It might give the user access to resources in protected resource groups,elements in protected categories, or new Media Sources. There may also be snippets that check the user’s status with $user->isMember().

In this article, we’ll look ways to force MODX to update the user’s status immediately. Susan Sottwell played an important role in testing the code below. Learn More

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