Useful Drupal Module: Rabbit Hole

Often times in a website requires easy content creation workflows. In addition to Articles, Pages or News Posts sometimes a site requires for instance:

  1. Uploading and maintain a list of images and teaser text for a jQuery SlideDeck or Slideshow.

  2. Provide some tag references for allowable dates: Spring 2013, Fall 2013, Winter 2014; for display use with annual events. Learn More

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Install an Elegant list&grid Module for TomatoCart’s Product Listing Page

It is significant for the community users to install an elegant list/grid module for the product listing page. The great news is that you could get such kind of module from TomatoCart Extension Manager. Please download the module at the following url address:

After installing this module, the products listing page and search results page will be change to list, two grid or three grid mode as follows: Learn More

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