MojoPortal: Using the Contact Form for a Support Page

This article follows on from the previous article in the series.

One of the things my customers tell me is useful is my adding a support page to their website so they can easily log any problems or questions they have with me. I create a page that is not visible to visitors of the website, it is only visible to the website administrator(s). The page has a form that will automatically send me an email, without them even having to remember my email address. WithMojoPortal this is really easy to do.

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Adding a New Page to Dolphin 7

Today I am going to show you how to create a new page in Dolphin 7. Creating a new page is useful in many situations and allows us to add any content we wish to our Dolphin based site.

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How to Run Commands Automatically at Linux System Boot Up


If you always have to manually run services at every system bootup, do it no more! This article will show you how to automatically run anything at system bootup by adding the execution commands to the /etc/rc.local script. You will need SSH root access.
Difficulty level: Easy

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