nopCommerce Tips: How to Set Special Shipping Options

One of my nopCommerce customers is a milliner, who makes custom hats. If you’re in any way familiar with fashion, you’ll know that not all hats are created equal, and that goes for their shipping costs and requirements as well. We’ll cover how to accommodate these special shipping costs in nopCommerce.

A soft cloth cap can be packaged in a padded envelope, while a full tophat must be shipped in a sturdy box, which of course will be much more expensive. This means that products with such a wide range of shipping costs and needs have to be factored differently. Thankfully, nopCommerce provides a means of allowing for additional shipping costs for these special items, over and above the standard shipping rate calculations based on purchase price, etc. Learn More

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How to Set Default Profile Widgets for All Users in Elgg 1.8

In this article, I will give you a step by step guide on how to set up default profiles for all your users in Elgg 1.8. Sign into you Elgg site as an Administrator and follow these steps:

1. Once logged in, go to the Administration Dashboard and on the right sidebar menu go to “Administer->Configure->Appearance->Default WidgetsLearn More

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mojoPortal Tips: Upgrading to the Latest Version of mojoPortal, Part 2

In Part 1, we covered how to set up your local testing environment with the latest database version from your mojoPortal live site, and how to download and apply the update locally for testing. We’ll pick up from there with the areas that usually require the most attention after running an update, ensuring that your updates are solid, and applying the update to your live site.

Testing, Cont.


The first, and usually the most glaringly obvious issue with upgrades, is the fact that the supporting infrastructure for the UI (“skins”) has a tendency to change frequently, in response to changes from ongoing technology and supporting software, such as Artisteer.  Depending on how long it’s been since your last upgrade, the changes may be small, or cause your site to look horribly awry. Have no fear; Joe and his team have been keeping a running update on what changes to apply for each version at “Important Skin Changes” – be sure to go through each step to confirm that you’ve applied all the changes to your mojoPortal skins. Learn More

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