SocialEngine 4: Site Broken after installing a theme?

Andrew - SocialEngine

Have you ever installed the Integrity theme onto your SocialEngine site?

Did you wish not to use it anymore or it just didn’t work to start with?

If so, you may be facing a major issue that does not seem to be going away no matter what theme you select. You site will not load a theme and even within your AP, nothing matches up. Learn More

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Understanding Textpattern structural tags


This is the third part of my six-part series on Textpattern CMS tags. For the following bunch of articles, I’m going to focus on Textpattern structural tags. This type of tag is, as the name implies, primarily used in the building blocks of a Textpattern website. These tags should be considered to provide some of the navigational scaffolding of the Textpattern-powered website: Learn More

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[TomatoCart] Elegant button for bootstrap template

As you noticed, the default button of bootstrap framework is using in TomatoCart bootstrap template. Frankly, the style of the button isn’t elegant enough. I have modified the buttons as follow: Learn More

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