Drupal7: Renaming Fields and Bundles

David G - DrupalWhen developing a Drupal project it’s likely that your Content Types and Entities will go through revisions — meaning you’ll be altering the schema of how you want to structure your data and relationships in Drupal. In the past I’ve used Features, Configuration, hoping someday to use Config in Code — to store my site configuration in code. But you still need to create content types and entities somehow. And, possibly modify existing ones. Here are 2 tools I found to heavily modify/clone content types in Drupal 7. Learn More

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Embedding documents in Joomla

ARI Docs Viewer system plugin allows to embed remote pages, Joomla articles and files in your Joomla website. In this article I will explain how to Embedding documents in Joomla. Learn More

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Alfresco data export

Recently I come across one of the requirement where client wanted to export detail about all the contents which are stored in Alfresco. I had though of following options of to implement it.

Create a Javabased webscript which will use the Alfresco foundation APIs to do the job.

The other option was to create Javascript based webscript which will use Alfresco javascript APIs to do the job.

I have decided to go with second option reasons were as follow. Learn More

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