Using Conditional Tags in Textpattern CMS

The third article in this mini-series related to Textpattern CMS tags concerns conditional tags. Personally speaking, of all the tag types, I put conditionals up there near the top. They’re smart, clear and really useful. A conditional tag at its basic level operates like this:

  • if x is true, then do y

You can pep it up a bit, too: Learn More

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Arvixe and Reporting Services Using Direct URL (Part 5 of 7)

In my ongoing discussion and detailed articles specifically between Arvixe and Implementing SSRS, I have repeatedly mentioned that although these articles are rather specifically about Arvixe and SSRS, the final three articles have little to do with Arvixe specifically. However, since I was on a roll, why not just include them as part of this series. If you want to read prior articles then start here. Otherwise, let’s just talk about using the reports themselves. Assuming you already have a report deployed manually or through this article then running any report directly from the server (Arvixe) just follow these steps. (Which is the simplest method)

1. Open up a web browser Learn More

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