How to Change the Default Banner Image on phpFox Installation

This article will focus on how to change the banner.png image that is loaded with the default installation of phpFox.

“How do I change that ugly world image on the main visitor’s page of my website?” I have seen this question posted a few dozen times on the phpFox forum.

The steps to changing this banner image are as follows: Learn More

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How to Parameter the Simple Gallery Plugin in Silex

Adapt your gallery to your website!

You have created your gallery but for the moment it doesn’t correspond to what you want? Don’t worry, the simple gallery parameters are here to help you.

Let’s see them and get your dream gallery!

The basic parameters

You find them for almost all the Silex components.

They concern: Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: mojoPortal and Scalability

One of the biggest frustrations of any website is when it outgrows capacity. Luckily for mojoPortal users, there are multiple methods of configuring a mojoPortal-based site to be not only flexible, but expand with the needs of your organization.

Method 1: Flexible Hosting – leveraging a hosting option such as a VPS can allow you to increase available resources to a specific website instance. Since this is a single-server solution, the complex issues of load-balancing, etc. are not relevant factors. Learn More

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