Beginners Guide to Creating a Website

This guide will help you start on your feet on creating a website.

What is a Web Host?

A web host is a company that sells you web space for you to host your website. Without web space, you can’t have a website up.

1) First, you would need a server to put your website online. A server is what holds your website up. Learn More

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How To Dynamically Change CSS Properties of Elements with jQuery


Did you know you can change elements’ CSS properties dynamically with jQuery? Well, yeah! You probably want to change an element’s opacity when a button is clicked to make it look like it is loading, for example. There are lots of uses this function can have, you set your own limits!

Learn More

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Silex’s Contributor of the Month

This month we have the pleasure to show you an interview of Nicolas Masson, the contributor of the month. Learn More

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