How to Check the Last Executed Time of Clip-Bucket v2 Cron Jobs


Today I’ll show you how to see the last time the cron jobs in Clip-Bucket v2 were run. This works for the v2 of Clip-Bucket only.

Difficulty level: Easy

1. Login into the admin_area.

2. In the left column, look for the Plugin Manager. Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: Making a Living with mojoPortal (Yes, You Can!)

Recently, I was contacted by a developer specializing in .Net, who is fairly new to mojoPortal. He asked me if it’s possible to be profitable supporting an open-source application like mojoPortal; my unequivocal response is “Yes, quite well.” Stick around – after the break, I’ll outline some of the ways that supporting open-source can generate revenue.

Now, it should be prefaced that it won’t happen overnight; you will get pushback from some members of the community, who feel that because the core application (mojoPortal) is free, and open-source, all utilization of it should be free as well. That’s not an unusual perspective for any open-source community, whether it’s WordPress, Joomla!, Dot Net Nuke, or any other application. However; if you talk to most of the actual core developers of these applications, you’ll hear a different story. Every one I’ve talked to has openly acknowledged that their application is used as a tool by for-profits, and indeed in most cases actively encourage it. Some offer premium support packages and sponsor ships to support ongoing development (nopCommerce), while others sell premium add-ons directly from the core development team (mojoPortal). Learn More

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How to Change the Domain Name for your phpFox Website

This article will focus on how to change the domain name associated with your phpFox website.

There may be a time when you realize that the current domain you are using for your phpFox website just isn’t the right one for the site anymore.  There are many reasons for this, you may have started out on a .net and now have the .com, or the content that you and your members are posting just doesn’t match well with the old domain.

As always, before making any changes to your phpFox website, I suggest you make a full backup of all files and the database.

The first thing you will need to do is log into your phpFox account at

On your dashboard, select the arrow to the left of the license you are editing, and select Edit. Learn More

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