mojoPortal: Product Review of Form Wizard Pro

One of the most appealing aspects of using open-source software is the ability to create your own additions and extensions to the base application/framework. However, re-inventing the wheel rarely appeals to anyone, much less developers on tight timelines. That is the reason I chose to leverage the Form Wizard Pro by Joe Audette/Source Tree Solutions, an add-on module for the free mojoPortal CMS.

Installation, as usual with Joe’s “Pro” series of add-ons, went smoothly; once installed, the Form Wizard Pro is accessible from the “Edit Page” screen, just like the built-in features that come bundled with mojoPortal. Learn More

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How to Remove the RSS Link in Elgg 1.7

Some Elgg users have been struggling with the RSS feature that comes with elgg by default. There is no way in which you can disable this on the admin panel. It is not a plugin, you will have to edit some files in order to remove it from the site. This article gives a step by step guide on How to Remove the RSS Link in Elgg 1.7. Connect to your website with an FTP Manager and follow these steps:

Learn More

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WebMatrix 2 beta – First Impressions

I surprised myself by becoming quite a fan of WebMatrix, so I was keen to give the new WebMatrix2 beta a go and see how it shapes up.

I’ve found WebMatrix very easy to use and surprisingly robust. It gave me a very easy way to install and run my CMS websites locally and then to publish them, and also to resync my local environment to the published one. In particular note it allows publishing of an SQL database with just a tick of a box (once the connection string has been entered). Learn More

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