How To Reset Admin Password in TomatoCart

When you forget admin password, you could reset by using ‘Forget Your Password?’ function.

I just found this:

“I have tried logging in to my Tomato Cart account and it says the password and username are wrong. I don’t know why this would be as I wrote it down when I signed up. I clicked the Forgot my Password link but when I give the email address even that says my address is not on the system.” Learn More

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Quick Tip: Move Products Inside a Category in Prestashop 1.5

It seems that some people can’t find a way to order products in Prestashop Categories. Let’s see how to display movement arrows in the back office!

If you are a Prestashop 1.4 user, now approaching to 1.5, you might have noticed those little arrows you used to move products are not there anymore, where they used to be. This is because products and categories now have 2 different interfaces in the back office. So, how to move products within a category? Well, there is a hidden catch: you must first filter the product list by category. In short terms, here is what you have to do: Learn More

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