Add Friendly URL to Manufacturers Box in TomatoCart

Some community users report that the urls in the manufacturers’ box are not friendly even though the SEO service is enabled in the system.
For example:
The current url now is
The friendly url should be

I have improved the manufacturers’ box to make it support the friendly url feature. It works perfectly as the seo friendly url is enabled or disabled. Learn More

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PrestaShop 101 Day 15 – PrestaShop Multistore

It’s no secret every website owner wants to top SERPs in their niche. This is not only true, but also vital for every e-merchant. In this lesson, we will deal with Prestashop SEO, and have a look at a couple of general preferences you might want to check before the big launch.

Running time: 17 mins
Prestashop version:

All series’ lessons Learn More

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[WHMCS] Late Fees

Sometimes customers pay late which can add to your costs of managing that late payment (administrative costs etc…) so automating the late fee process is quite useful. Be careful though, too high a fee could result in the customer refusing to pay and leave for a competitor.

Step 1: Enabling the late fee Learn More

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