Log Failed Logins in MODX

A MODX forum user asked for a way to log failed logins when a user comMODX logoplained that they were entering the correct credentials and sometimes not getting in. Here’s a small plugin that will write information to the log when a login fails.

Be sure to read the section below on security and privacy issues!

The plugin would also be useful for seeing if hackers are trying to log in to your site and look at their attempts. Learn More

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Change Type of Document in Alfresco

In Alfresco Share when we go to document details page of and content we could see change type action available there which could allow users to change type of content. But this is not as simple as it appears. You need to configure properly in share-config-custom.xml for your custom content types to get your custom content types visible under that menu.

Learn More

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How to manage homepage rotating banner / slider in nopCommerce

Having a rotating banner / slider on the homepage is quite common feature in website designs these days. It is a very useful way of compressing or organizing the information to showcase the products and services that you offer on your store site. If rotating banner / slider is implemented correctly, it can easily help the users to navigate to different parts of the site. But. if done wrong, it can easily become a distraction on your homepage. Learn More

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