How to Add a Professional Announcement Bar at the Top of Your Site with Plain HTML


Today I’ll show you one of the things I think a website must have: an announcement bar. What for? To let your users know recent changes, recent news or basically any text you want them to be the first thing they will see. An example of what the announcement bar will look like can be seen here:

Difficulty level: Easy

1. Open the index HTML file or the header file, if any. Learn More

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cPanel – Modifying the Document Root for Addon Domains

In cPanel, the document root for any addon domain can be changed directly from the Addon Domains page.

First select Addon Domains from the cPanel main page:

Then Click the edit icon next to the current pathname: Learn More

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How to Encrypt Data Inside a web.config

Several weeks ago I was offered an opportunity to write articles for Arvixe. This is not only an exciting offer because of the vast number of people that will read it, but also because Arvixe is a great company. Their support has been impeccable and their desire to help has far exceeded my thoughts. (This is not because my thoughts are low).

My goal in writing articles is to provide an avenue that other developers can come to experience Arvixe in the way I am. Most of my how to articles will be around the Arvixe platform but most can be adjusted to accommodate other hosting providers. The great thing about development is that there are many ways to accomplish the same task.

Someone once asked me this question, “David, what is the best way to implement {fill in the blank}”. To which my response was, “Yes”. As you read my articles if you have a different way than just drop me a note. After all this is how we learn. So here goes the first one……

Before we get to the specific example, let me say, that Googling, Yahooing, Binging (is that a word?) will return many options so this not the only one, it is the one that I find is the most versatile. It can be used for many things. Learn More

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