Changing the Dolphin 7.1 Member Menu

Hello and welcome! In today’s article I’ll show you how to work with the Dolphin 7.1 member menu. The member menu is the small java menu bar that appears at the top and bottom of the users screen when logged in.

To access the member menu builder simply log into your Dolphin admin and select “Member Menu” under the “Builders” sub-menu on the left. Learn More

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Not All jQuery Sliders are Created Equal

Since I am a web developer I am always looking for new subtle page designs that make a site unique.  This inevitably leads me to think about sliders.  Sliders are a real easy way to give the user a reason to stay on the page.  After all no one wants to think they are missing something important.  Sliders also allow you to accomplish multiple communication announcements without creating additional pages.

In today’s environment there seems to be sliders everywhere.  In fact there is a site that provides over 100 sliders that you can use. (Maybe that should be a slider itself).  If you don’t believe me here it is.  After reviewing several of them you start to think that all sliders are pretty much the same.  They aren’t.  Let me explain. Learn More

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Manufacturer’s Slider Content Module For Your TomatoCart Shop!

This is a content module for displaying the manufacturer’s logo or link in the content area. It is displayed with a slider animation. Learn More

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