How to Create a Mailing List Using WebsitePanel

Mailing lists are useful if you would like to send a message to large number of recipients. You only have to compose e-mails using a single mailing list ID and emails will be automatically delivered to all recipients on that list.

Follow the steps given below to create a mailing list using WebsitePanel

(1) Select Mail | Lists

(2) Select Create Mailing List button Learn More

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How to Use Include Files in Templates – SilverStripe CMS

One of the thing you want to use as an included template files is mostly 2nd level menu (sidebar menu).

Include files must be in themes/yourtemplatename/templates/Includes folder it’s the same level as Layout folder.

2nd level menu example code u add to themes/yourtemplatename/templates/Includes/ Learn More

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WordPress Plugin Spotlight for April 2013: Buddypress

BuddyPress lets users sign-up and start creating profiles, posting messages, making connections, creating and interacting in groups, and much more. A social network in a box, BuddyPress lets you easily build a community for your company, school, sports team, or other niche community.

Test Drive Learn More

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