What is Web Hosting?

To have a website accessible on the internet you need 2 essential things, a domain name and a web hosting provider. The domain is simply a unique name in combination with a domain extension (.com, .net etc) whereas your web hosting provider is the company that will make your domain name actually accessible to everyone on the internet. Learn More

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How to (finally) override Prestashop Modules’ core files

Without even letting us know, the Prestashop team finally made it possible to override Prestashop Modules’ core files in version Let’s see how!

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Understanding Textpattern CMS tag


The Textpattern CMS `<txp:article>` tag is a monster. It’s one of the most extensive and sometimes misunderstood Textpattern tags, and on that basis I debated whether or not a 500 word blog post could do it justice. In the end I decided that no, it wouldn’t – but I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge, so here goes. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Pete Cooper’s Handy Guide To The Textpattern CMS `<txp:article>` Tag In Association With Arvixe And Hopefully Less Than Two Thousand Words For Great Justice. I’ll work on that title for a future revision.

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