Drupal 7: Data module

David G - DrupalThe Data module is 1 of 2 modules in Drupal that attempt to let you manage and use database tables not created by Drupal. The other module is called Table Wizard (which appears abandoned now). By itself the Data module allows you to create SQL tables in Drupal using a basic admin UI (a baby version of phpmyadmin for example). It also lets you adopt previously defined sql tables in your database, which are not created or maintained by drupal initially. Learn More

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WordPress: Cloaking Affiliate Links

Affiliate programs can be a great source of online income for a WordPress blog as most of online products from various types do offer affiliate program for WordPress bloggers to join. We simply have to use the links that are given to us to promote the product.

Whoever who buy the products through the given links will make us entitle for commission from the owner of the online products. If we know the best way to market the products, affiliate program can provide us decent income for out WordPress blog besides advertising.

Link Cloaking – Do not lose any money again Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Disable Youtube & Vimeo

Andrew - SocialEngine

In some networking sites, admins would like to allow its members to upload videos only from their computer but at present you will always have the option to upload from Youtube and Vimeo.

This article with show you how you can remove Youtube and Vimeo Learn More

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