MODX Snippet Development III

In the last article, we cleaned up our snippet code to make it more readableMODX logo and to meet some standard coding practices. We’ll do some more of that in this article and fix a logic error in the code.

Notice that we’re still not even thinking about adding features to our snippet. It’s important to have nice, clean, correct code before considering new features. Otherwise, adding the features will be more difficult, and more likely to cause errors. Adding new features to a poorly designed snippet also tends to force you to redesign it again and again. Learn More

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[XenForo] Configuring Administrator Permissions

In this article I’ll go through the administrator permissions system enabling you to specify which admins have access to certain admin functions.

Now I’m sure your asking your self what the point of this really is?

Well perhaps you only want on or two admins to be able to set the default style/template of your forum. Or perhaps you only want some to be able to access the member edit function of your site. Well it’s quite simple and I am going to show you how to do it here. Learn More

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Rounded Avatars for Elgg

Avatars are the pictures that you use to identify yourself in Elgg. Usually those avatars are squared and look outdated. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to use rounded avatars in Elgg 1.9 to make your network look more modern. Learn More

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