How to change text on alert box for blank search term in nopCommerce

A lot of nopCommerce users might be familiar with the fact that minimum length of the search term is 3 characters (out of the box). When a customer tries to press the “Search” button without entering any search term, the website displays an alert popup box.

Today, we will discuss how to change the default text on alert box for blank search term in nopCommerce.

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Drupal 7: Background Images Formatter

David G - Drupal

Often times on a website you want a visual splash or decoration on a webpage. And 1 example of this is to place an image behind some region or block your webpage. There are many modules in Drupal to help to accomplish this visual display and but by far the simplest available in Drupal is the Background Images Formatter module.

If you would like to test out the background images formatter then I recommend spinning up a test site at Learn More

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Using nice sliders in WordPress

Chances are, in your design, that you will use a slider, even if there is some noise that says sliders are not good for SEO most designers feel that the site can show quick and different content in the same space.
It is a common use lately, and most of the clients will agree to have one, so, how do you have one?

You can have sliders or carousels within the theme you will use, or you can hace 3rd party sliders that you can add to your site. Learn More

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