How to Add a Google Direction Map to a Web Site

Just about everyone in today’s internet has either a Google, Bing or MapQuest map on their web page, and although this is a fine idea there have been several times when I want to know how to get there from where I live, work, or eat.  You are left with a couple of choices, you could try and copy and paste to Google map and then add a destination or you could zoom out and try and figure it out yourself. Why not add the ability for a user to enter in their address and then let them see driving directions from your site. Furthermore; if you wanted to capture the address that they are using you might find a pattern which might help target your advertising dollar. This article will walk you through the steps to add this to your site. Trust me it is not very difficult. Learn More

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How to Replace TinyMCE with CKeditor in Elgg 1.8

TinyMCE is an online editor that is widely used in many CMS platforms. Elgg comes with TinyMCE pre-installed and it is pretty useful when it comes to add styling when you are writing a comment or when you are writing a blog entry within elgg. However sometimes TinyMCE faces problems in elgg. For example, embedding a picture using TinyMCE within elgg does not work sometimes and it is frustrating. CKeditor is a free, GPL text editor designed to simplify website content creation, and it has more features and more supported than TinyMCE. For that reason in this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to replace TinyMCE with CKeditor in elgg 1.8 Learn More

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Managing SQL Server 2012 Databases with WebsitePanel

Unlike other hosting control panels, WebsitePanel not only enables you to create Microsoft SQL Server 2012 databases but also provides an ability to backup and restore databases.

Creating Databases

  • Login to WebsitePanel
  • Select Databases | SQL Server 2012

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