How to Block a User from Seeing Your phpFox Website When it is in Offline Mode

This article will show you how to block a user group and its members from being able to access your phpFox website when you have it set to Offline Mode.

When performing an upgrade for your phpFox website, it is good practice to set your site to Offline Mode so that your members will not be able to make updates to the site after you have backed up your database and files. Learn More

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How to Publish Post via Email in WordPress

WordPress allows you to publish new posts via e-mail. Follow the steps given below to start publishing new posts.

(1) Login to WordPress dashboard

(2) Select Settings navigation panel and click the option – Writing Learn More

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Get Set, Get Select, Which One Do I Use in SQL?

If you are like me I frequently use cursors in sql, but the other day I had created a piece of code like below. Before telling me I could do this a different way, I want to show you what I found.–Go with me… Learn More

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