Target Specific Pages from a PrestaShop Module’s Hook

You can easily restrict a Prestashop module’s display by adding exceptions in the back office positions. However, if you automate the process, there is a small trick that can be used when creating a module’s hook, which will also open a whole set of new possibilities to display page-specific content.

The php_self context variable Learn More

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Website Snapshots using Drush for Drupal

I’ve previously mentioned Drush in my blog posts. Another interesting feature of drush is to support archival backup and restoration of a complete drupal website (or Drupal sub-site) with a simple set of commands.

drush archive-dump Learn More

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Disable User Registration in Joomla 3.0

This tutorial is about how to disable user registration in Joomla 3.0. This is useful when you are developing private websites to not allow user registration, also to prevent spammer’s registration. Learn More

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