How to Set Character Limits for Files and Blog Titles in Elgg

This article gives a step by step guide on how to set character limits for files and blog titles in Elgg. When it comes to styling your Elgg site, long file or blog titles do not look good. That is why it is necessary to add some type of character limitation to titles. Connect to your website with an FTP Manager and follow these steps:

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mojoPortal Tip: One-Step mojoPortal Registration for Social Media Users

The task of getting conversions from your Facebook or Twitter followers to your website can be a daunting one. The benefits of having users sign up for your site will vary, according to the goals of your business model. However, lowering the “barrier to entry” as much as possible will help you build your customer contact list, and improve your ability to reach out to qualified customers.

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How to Enable Privacy for Comments in Elgg

By default, Elgg only has privacy for who can see items that are posted on the site. However, if a post is public, anyone can comment on that, which is a privacy issue. In this article, I will give you a step by a step guide on how to enable privacy for comments in Elgg.

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