TomatoCart Fix – Product Variants Don’t Change the Price or Image

The following issue was reported in the community:

Added an item with color variant. When a different color is selected, the image, SKU, and price do not change. I assume those info should dynamically change depending on the color selection. I need this function to work as most of my items have multiple colors.

In addition, the image mouse rollover does not work too. The mouse rollover works when variant is not used. And the description and review tabs below the item image look disable. Learn More

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Elgg and Spam

Spammers are being more aggressive lately, especially with elgg sites. In this article I will discuss about the proper and most up to date tools to protect your elgg network against spammers.


Anti Spam tools available for elgg 1.7 are no longer supported. That’s why we strongly recommend to upgrade to the latest version of elgg, which is 1.8.15 Learn More

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Create iOS Icons for Web Site

With more people using iOS devices including iPhone, iPods, and iPad and whatever else might come along it is a good idea to make sure that you present your site in the best possible light for those devices. You might be aware of the favicon.png which is documented here. However; when an iOS device comes to your web site there are additional images that can help differentiate your site.

For iPhone 4 and current generation iPod touch you can use 114px x 114px, while iPads use 72px x 72px and other iOS devices use 57px x 57px. You could create a unique image with each of these sizes or just create one and let the device scale as needed.

The way to add these special icons is to add the following to the top of your web site. Learn More

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