Creating Your New Concrete5 Site in Private (Using Simple Permissions)

The Concrete5 content management system has a very flexible set of permissions at your disposal. By selecting and applying permissions, you’ll find launching a new site easier. Concrete5 comes with two distinctly separate permissions models, basic and advanced. Learn More

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Upload Local MSSQL Database and Configure Connection String


Today we will show you how to upload your database to your hosting account with us. This includes four steps: Learn More

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Displaying MODX Context Settings

A user on the MODX Forums asked for a way to show a Context Setting from a Context other than the current one. In this case the setting was the site_start setting (I think the user wanted to use it in a link), but the code below will show any Context setting.

As you probably know, you can show a Context Setting for the current Context with a simple setting tag: Learn More

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