Understanding Article Templates in MODX

Beginning Articles users are often confused (as I was) by the two main Templates used to style your Articles blog. Articles comes with two sample Templates to use as models. They’re both shown on the Elements tab under “Templates -> Articles”.

The sample.ArticlesContainerTemplate, is the Template for the blog’s Home page — the one that shows the list of recent articles.

The sample.ArticleTemplate is the Template used when users look at a single blog post.

Don’t Modify the samples! Learn More

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SilverStripe – Highlighting Query Text in Search Results

Normally the Page_results.ss look like this: Learn More

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[MyBB] Installing Google Ads

In order for most communities to survive they need to be able to at least cover the costs of web hosting

, VPS or dedicated servers. One of the most popular methods to do this is via advertising of which for the majority Google Adsense would be one of the better choices to go with.

Step 1: Creating a new advertising banner (Via Google Adsense) Learn More

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