mojoPortal 101: Adding A New User

In mojoPortal, there are a number of ways to add new members to your website. Registered website members give you a means of reaching out via newsletters, as well as being able to control access to content to a pre-determined audience.

One of the very easiest ways to add new users to your website is to allow them to register via their favorite social media networks, as covered in this article.  The biggest benefit for your user is the ability to register without having to remember yet another login.

The next means of adding a new user is by allowing them to register themselves on your website.  Depending on how your mojoPortal skin has been designed, the “Register” link may not always be clearly visible; bear in mind that you can always direct your new users to (your site url)/register.aspx, and allow them to register themselves.

Next, we’ll go through the steps of adding a new user manually. Let’s start at our Administration menu:

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Editing DNS Zone Records using WebsitePanel (ASP Hosting)

Arvixe ASP LogoHello fellow hosters! In response to a comment left on my most recent article (Making DNS Record Changes in cPanel), I decided to blog about how to change DNS zones in an ASP hosting environment. Specifically, using Arvixe’s WebsitePanel. This is a quick and easy procedure, but PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Changing DNS records can cause all kinds of havoc if done improperly.  I’ll repeat what was said last time:

ATTENTION: Do not attempt to modify these fields unless you are absolutely sure what you are doing! This tutorial will provide a bit of background on each type of record, but is not for beginners. Please contact Arvixe support if you are not 100% comfortable with these actions and their consequences.

The bold text means it’s serious! Okay now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s move forward to navigating the user interface to find the controls.

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How to Change the Color of the Top Bar Menu in Elgg 1.8

On a previous post, I explained how to change the color of the top bar. Due to recent changes in Elgg, you have to edit different files to change the color of the top bar menu. This article will give you a step by step guide on how to change the color of the top bar menu in Elgg 1.8. With an FTP manager, log in to your website and follow these steps:



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