mojoPortal Tip: An Effortless Slideshow in Under 5 Minutes

In an earlier tutorial, we covered how to embed a jQuery UI-based rotator on-the-fly in mojoPortal; today, we’ll cover how to use the built-in support for slideshows that can be created quickly and easily.





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mojoPortal 101: Adding A New User

In mojoPortal, there are a number of ways to add new members to your website. Registered website members give you a means of reaching out via newsletters, as well as being able to control access to content to a pre-determined audience.

One of the very easiest ways to add new users to your website is to allow them to register via their favorite social media networks, as covered in this article.  The biggest benefit for your user is the ability to register without having to remember yet another login.

The next means of adding a new user is by allowing them to register themselves on your website.  Depending on how your mojoPortal skin has been designed, the “Register” link may not always be clearly visible; bear in mind that you can always direct your new users to (your site url)/register.aspx, and allow them to register themselves.

Next, we’ll go through the steps of adding a new user manually. Let’s start at our Administration menu:

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