Website Snapshots using Drush for Drupal

I’ve previously mentioned Drush in my blog posts. Another interesting feature of drush is to support archival backup and restoration of a complete drupal website (or Drupal sub-site) with a simple set of commands.

drush archive-dump Learn More

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Disable User Registration in Joomla 3.0

This tutorial is about how to disable user registration in Joomla 3.0. This is useful when you are developing private websites to not allow user registration, also to prevent spammer’s registration. Learn More

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MODX Object Names and Keys: A Source of Confusion

The names and primary keys of MODX objects can be frustrating to new users trying to write MODX PHP code to work with them. Most MODX objects have a primary key called id, but some don’t. You can also get the name of a MODX object by getting its name field, but not always.

This post lists some of the anomalies, and contains a plea to regularize things a bit for MODX 3.

The Problem Learn More

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