mojoPortal Tip: Creating Custom Content Templates

The modular feature you will use most frequently in most mojoPortal installations is the HTML Content feature.  With the assistance of creative CSS classes, leveraging typography from sites like Font Squirrel, you can create some very impressive content within the HTML feature.  There will be times you would like to be able to create a specific look “on the fly”, without having to manually create the layout and paste it into the feature. This is where custom content templates come in handy.

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mojoPortal Tip: How to Break Out of The Mold and Into the Grid

By default, mojoPortal skins support a 3-panel mode; with a bit of tweaking, as shown in Ian’s article, you can add an additional header/footer pane. Even with all these options, creating an interesting, non-standard layout in mojoPortal, that’s still friendly to non-designers left to the task of creating and updating content can be a real challenge. If you are creating a mojoPortal-driven site for a client whose talents lie in other realms, it’s best to keep content management as simple as possible.  With that in mind, let’s look at applying custom layouts to a mojoPortal implementation.

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