mojoPortal Tips: List of Currently Available Plugins for mojoPortal

A question I’ve seen often asked about mojoPortal is this: where are the plugins?  Well, thankfully, mojoPortal comes ready-to-use with over 20 built-in plugins, including a full-featured blog, forums, an event calendar, image gallery, contact form, Google Maps integration, and much more. However, there are some user needs that require a bit more “oomph”, and the plugins on this list will help provide them.

First, we’ll list the plugins from Learn More

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How to Check the Last Executed Time of Clip-Bucket v2 Cron Jobs


Today I’ll show you how to see the last time the cron jobs in Clip-Bucket v2 were run. This works for the v2 of Clip-Bucket only.

Difficulty level: Easy

1. Login into the admin_area.

2. In the left column, look for the Plugin Manager. Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: Making a Living with mojoPortal (Yes, You Can!)

Recently, I was contacted by a developer specializing in .Net, who is fairly new to mojoPortal. He asked me if it’s possible to be profitable supporting an open-source application like mojoPortal; my unequivocal response is “Yes, quite well.” Stick around – after the break, I’ll outline some of the ways that supporting open-source can generate revenue.

Now, it should be prefaced that it won’t happen overnight; you will get pushback from some members of the community, who feel that because the core application (mojoPortal) is free, and open-source, all utilization of it should be free as well. That’s not an unusual perspective for any open-source community, whether it’s WordPress, Joomla!, Dot Net Nuke, or any other application. However; if you talk to most of the actual core developers of these applications, you’ll hear a different story. Every one I’ve talked to has openly acknowledged that their application is used as a tool by for-profits, and indeed in most cases actively encourage it. Some offer premium support packages and sponsor ships to support ongoing development (nopCommerce), while others sell premium add-ons directly from the core development team (mojoPortal). Learn More

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