Setup a New Usergroup in ocPortal

usergroup form 1

Depending on the make-up of your ocPortal site there is a likelihood that you may need to create a new ocPortal usergroup for your members. There are a few popular reasons why you may choose to do this such as creating a new rank on a community based site or creating a private members group. It’s a quite simple process to create a new usergroup which I will list below.

Creating a new usergroup in ocPortal, a step by step process Learn More

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Using Nivoslider in Silverstripe CMS

  1. Download Nivo Slider –
  2. Upload the css files and js files to yourtheme/ folder css under css folder and jquery.nivo.slider.js under js folder
  3. Add nivoslider css to yourtheme/templates/ file:
    <% require themedCSS(nivo-slider) %>
  4. Add HomePage.php to mysite/code folder using code: Learn More
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Getting Started With Drupal 7

Starting Your Journey Using Drupal

Drupal is a popular CMS framework written in PHP and has a wealth of features and components to help build any sort of website you need — while it can be difficult to master the many aspects of Drupal there is a lot you can do with little or no coding. In this post we will cover some of the Administrative and basic building blocks of a Drupal website: Learn More

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