How to Install Flvtool++


This article will guide you through the steps of installing Flvtool++ on your server. Clip-Bucket, for example, has the option to use Flvtool++ instead of Flvtool2. If I were asked which one was better, I would say Flvtool++. I am not responsible for any damage you may cause to your server, not because the commands I give you here are wrong, but because of an error from your part.

You will need SSH access.

Difficulty level: Medium (Easy if you have Linux commands knowledge)

NOTE: If you do not have Linux commands and terminal knowledge, I recommend you get someone to do it for you to assure you no errors will be made. YOU CAN STILL DO IT YOURSELF; IT IS SIMPLY A COPY-PASTE OF COMMANDS.

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Adding and Removing Page Blocks From Your Dolphin 7 Website

In today’s blog, I will show you how to add or remove blocks from any of the pages on your Dolphin 7 website. There are several pre-made blocks available for each page and you can also add an HTML block with your own custom content.

We will start by logging into the Dolphin admin area and clicking “Pages Blocks” under the “Builders” heading on the left side menu.

Page blocks in the Dolphin Admin

Page blocks in the Dolphin Admin

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MojoPortal: Linking to Facebook part two

This article builds on the previous article in the series. In this article I will go through the steps involved in obtaining code for a facebook badge and adding it to your MojoPortal website. So, now I have a facebook page I want to link to from my MojoPortal website.

First, go to




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