Add a New Zone in ocPortal

add new ocPortal ZoneZones are a key element to the structure of any ocPortal built website and are a great way of sectioning off your content into different areas. For example a games related website might have a zone for PC games, one for Xbox games another for PS3 and so on. A business site may have sections dedicated to the different spheres of influence it deals with. A zone will traditionally have a URL similar to this:- if you have set up the new style Short URLS. Adding a new zone is a fairly simple process which I will show below.

Adding a new zone step by step process Learn More

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Creating a Simple Contact Form for Silverstripe Website

To create a simple contact form for Silverstripe, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Create ContactPage.php under mysite/code: Learn More

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Display User’s Friends in Clip-Bucket v2


Like a week ago, somebody in the forums was asking how to display the number of friends a user has on one of his Clip-Bucket pages. I replied to him with the way to do it and decided to write an article about it, as maybe other CB users would like to do the same. So I hope you find it useful. Works for CB v2.

1. Open the .html page you want to show the number of friends. For this example, I’ll be using watch_video.html Learn More

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