Creating a Simple Contact Form for Silverstripe Website

To create a simple contact form for Silverstripe, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Create ContactPage.php under mysite/code: Learn More
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Display User’s Friends in Clip-Bucket v2


Like a week ago, somebody in the forums was asking how to display the number of friends a user has on one of his Clip-Bucket pages. I replied to him with the way to do it and decided to write an article about it, as maybe other CB users would like to do the same. So I hope you find it useful. Works for CB v2.

1. Open the .html page you want to show the number of friends. For this example, I’ll be using watch_video.html Learn More

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Alfresco Share Extension Module

Alfresco which is a leading open source JAVA based CMS is popular because of its various unique features where easy extensibility is one of them. Since the inception of Alfresco share to provide collaboration platform by Alfresco (which I have discussed in my previous post) It become very popular because of its reach User Interface. The only problem was difficulty of customization and extension as it was based on spring Surf platform which is totally based on webscripts. There are lots of files needs to be changed to make just a simple change and it was also very hard to distinct the customization code from the core code, also there was no best practice defined for customization of Share. It was making Developers life very difficult. Alfresco Engineers were working on these problems since its first release and finally they are successful in their efforts. Learn More

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