Downloading Your Published MojoPortal Website Using WebMatrix

This article builds on the previous post in this series, providing a step-by-step guide to setting up local and remote environments for MojoPortal.

Under normal circumstances, once your website has been published, you should make any further changes directly on the published site. However, there may be occasions where it is useful to download the published site. It could be useful if you see an error message on your published site to download the site back to your local environment where you will get more error information; or maybe, if you want to test out some new ideas, or if you want to move your site to another server. Learn More

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[HOW-TO] Add search engine of your Clip-Bucket website to FireFox


Are you a FireFox or Swiftfox user? Do you see that in the top-right there’s a search bar where you can add different search engines? Ever wondered how to add your Clip-Bucket website’s search in there? I’ll show you how. This article is written for v2.0.91 and above. It might work for other versions, too. If you need this for another version, please let me know and I’ll be more than glad to write it for you.


Difficulty level: Easy

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What is HTTP Streaming?


Ever noticed that in YouTube, videos can start playing from wherever you seek, I mean if you want to start watching from the middle, you can do it without waiting for it to finish downloading. This is called HTTP Streaming or also known as HTTP Pseudo-Streaming. An explanation on what it does.

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