mojoPortal Tips: Now with Sound and Motion!

In previous versions of mojoPortal, the only means of embedding video were offsite methods such as YouTube, or hand-rolling audio/video links that might or might not play on your computer. As of version, mojoPortal now offers the Audio Player and Video Player features, based on the JPlayer JQuery add-on. These features are based off the community addition by mojoPortal community member Kerry Doan.

Both players allow the creation of playlists, so that you can upload a series of audio or video clips to be played in a specified sequence. In addition, you can specify if the media should play automatically, or if the playlist is eligible to be played in random order (shuffle). For each instance of the player, you can also add introductory text via the “Content Settings” link. Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: Using More than One Skin on a mojoPortal Site

One of the questions I see asked quite frequently on the mojoPortal forums is “How do I use a different layout on the home page?”  The best solution is to create two variants of your custom skin; one that’s meant to be the site-wide default, and one conforming to your exact specifications for the home page. The way to implement this:

1) Create your primary and secondary level skins. Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: Custom Skins and mojoPortal Upgrades

One of the great things about working with mojoPortal is the pace at which enhancements and improvements are added to this already-excellent content management system. Joe Audette, the chief architect, is very responsive to enhancement requests, and other members of the community also contribute improvements in features and functionality.

The downside can come when the improvements or enhancements implemented in a particular release include changes in how mojoPortal handles the UI, including alterations in the skins. The included skins are always updated, and periodically, new ones added to demonstrate the increased functionality. However, if you’ve created a custom skin for yourself, or a client, it can create some moments of extreme hair-pulling, and words best not shared with polite company.

To save yourself heartache and aggravation about fixing a custom skin after an upgrade, save this link: Important Skin Changes. At every release that impacts the UI, any changes that need to be made to custom-created skins will be added here. Usually, the two files that you’ll touch are the style.config and the files contained in your skin’s folder. Remember that you’ll want to update the skin in the /data/sites/[your site number]/[your skin name folder] to be able to see the changes live.

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