OpenCart – MYSQL Basics

I think that it is important to point out some important facts about how Opencart uses MYSQL in it’s eCommerce application. Some download the Opencart and are not really sure where things are stored or how. Perhaps, the more knowledge you have about this then the better off you will be when it comes time to customizing in the future. Virtually all eCommerce stores are run on a Database because there is a necessity to store information where it can later be accessed.

What is MYSQL? Learn More

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Setup a New Usergroup in ocPortal

usergroup form 1Depending on the make-up of your ocPortal site there is a likelihood that you may need to create a new ocPortal usergroup for your members. There are a few popular reasons why you may choose to do this such as creating a new rank on a community based site or creating a private members group. It’s a quite simple process to create a new usergroup which I will list below.

Creating a new usergroup in ocPortal, a step by step process Learn More

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Using Nivoslider in Silverstripe CMS

  1. Download Nivo Slider –
  2. Upload the css files and js files to yourtheme/ folder css under css folder and jquery.nivo.slider.js under js folder
  3. Add nivoslider css to yourtheme/templates/ file:
    <% require themedCSS(nivo-slider) %>
  4. Add HomePage.php to mysite/code folder using code: Learn More
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