mojoPortal Tips: 5 Things to Remember When Upgrading a Site

It’s always exciting to apply an upgrade to your existing mojoPortal site (no? Just me, then?) – the incorporation of new features, new ways to make the most of your web presence, and usually a new look and feel to top off the shiny factor. However, it’s really easy to overlook some key components that can absolutely “slow your roll” on a newly upgraded site. Here’s some things to remember, *before* you run into issues.

1) Connection String – this is usually the easiest one to remember; however, it can be aggravating to realize that you’ve overwritten your web.config or user.config, and have to hunt down your database connection information. Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: Using mojoPortal to Improve Your Google Ranking

Recently, I contracted with a client to help them improve their Google ranking and social media presence. mojoPortal makes it incredibly easy to improve your Google search result rankings; all my client needed to do was give me their targets and keywords, and I leveraged mojoPortal’s built-in features to do the rest. Here’s how: Learn More

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How To Add a Nice Toggle Function to Reveal More Content

One of my clients needed a convenient solution to apply collapsible content. So came up with a neat idea. You can see it in action here.
It is very easy to implement.

1. Add jQuery Javascript library at least from Google code in your page template (before tag): Learn More

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