OpenCart – Boosting Store Performance

How to boost overall store performance

We hear it time and time again on the forums. As a customer support agent on the Opencart forums I get a close up of the most common questions/problems that new store owners face after downloading Opencart and installing it. One of the major topics is the number of people that are unhappy with the way their store is performing on the web. Let me clarify: we are talking about server performance in how it relates to the customer shopping experience, not SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Often times store owners are very surprised at the load times on certain pages or all pages…and their customers may be complaining as well.  Let’s be honest, the WORST thing that you could possible do is introduce your online store to the WWW and have it so miserable to visit that no one comes back and your business “as a result of this” fails. Hopefully this article will help you understand some of the basic actions to perform in optimizing your Opencart.

Common blunders that create poor performance: Learn More

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Add a New Zone in ocPortal

add new ocPortal ZoneZones are a key element to the structure of any ocPortal built website and are a great way of sectioning off your content into different areas. For example a games related website might have a zone for PC games, one for Xbox games another for PS3 and so on. A business site may have sections dedicated to the different spheres of influence it deals with. A zone will traditionally have a URL similar to this:- if you have set up the new style Short URLS. Adding a new zone is a fairly simple process which I will show below.

Adding a new zone step by step process Learn More

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