mojoPortal Tips: Making a Multi-Colored Dynamic Menu with CSS

Earlier this year, I took on a project that needed a rainbow-themed menu; rather than try to create a rainbow-colored background for the menu, and hoping the text would align, I set about creating a menu with multiple colors that would support dynamic input for mojoPortal. Below, you’ll find the CSS I came up with to implement it in mojoPortal.

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MojoPortal: Adding a Poll

This article follows on from the previous article in the series.

In this article, I am going to use the built in poll module to set up a couple of polls to canvas customer views.

I start by signing in as Admin, going to the page I want to add the poll to and selecting to edit the page. Learn More

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How to Activate Plugins in Elgg 1.8

Enabling plugins in Elgg1.8 is a little bit different now because of the new control panel that comes in this new release. Elgg 1.8 has an Admin and a User view. For that reason, in this article I will give a step by step guide on how to activate any plugin. Sign into Elgg as an admin and follow these steps:

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